February 26, 2015

Snow Day Style

Okay so we've got another snow day here in Richmond.   I'm not sure exactly how I feel about that yet.  I literally get six hours a week sans kids, most of which is spent working so I really miss that crunch time when the kids are home.  I'm trying to stay on the positive side and focus on the sledding with friends that will begin here soon.  Lots of children in our neighborhood mean lots of fun memories on days like today.  Thankfully mine enjoy a good movie and staying warm inside so I'll be able to convince them to come inside and warm up on the sofa!  What are your favorite parts of a snowday?  I've rounded up my favorite snow day look for you!  Nothing like focusing on cute new clothes and good sales while looking at the winter wonderland outside!

Shop the look here: 

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February 25, 2015

Meal Planning Made Simple Week 22

As I was rounding up my meal selections for this week I started to notice a pattern of Salads on Monday moving towards heartier meal mid-week and back down to something more appetizer-inspired like fancy pizza on Fridays.  I can't say we strictly follow this every week but I do notice a pattern.

Are any of you meal planning?  Do you have certain nights that you find yourself cooking heavier or lighter?  I feel like we tend to eat out more on the weekends and try to reign things back in at the beginning of the week. 

February 24, 2015

Laundry Room Design Plan

Yesterday I showed you some laundry room inspiration pictures that were both pretty and functional.  I'm pretty freaking excited to have a space in my home that's awesome as well.  You can see what we're working with here in the before pictures.

While my husband was still cleaning and I priming the walls I immediately hopped on the computer and created a dream makeover for the space.  At first we really wanted to go with dark walls but ultimately decided light and bright was the way to go.  Surprise, surprise.  The end result isn't going to look exactly like this but it's so helpful for me to see a 3-d visual.

I'm in looooooove.  I have way too much fun creating room make-overs in photoshop.  You can see in the pictures below that I actually strayed from that blue and white fabric in favor of something in the gray family.  My mom picked up that gorgeous snow leopard fabric (it's a Williamsburg Historical fabric) for me over a year ago and it has been sitting in a closet just waiting for the right place to be used.  Once we painted the walls Classic Gray, I just knew this was the spot for it.  I paired with a soft pinky-lilac so keep it from being too cold.

After I changed direction with the window treatment I went back and created a mood board for the space with a few adjustments.  The colors in the art need to be different.  A few more black elements needed to be brought in.  But I think the same overall feel is the same as my original plan which I'm happy about.

My sweet husband is finishing up some of the painting and construction type tasks while I get the second window treatment up and continue some zhushing and organizing.  I cannot wait for that amazing new storage bench and those pretty towel racks to be delivered.  This weekend is go time and I'm hoping to have a real before and after reveal for you by next Monday!

February 23, 2015

Laundry Room Inspiration

Welcome to a fresh new week friends!  I tell you what, I've had about all the lazy snugly days I can handle for awhile and I'm really thankful that we are back to our normal routine today.  I'm a homebody by nature but even I've had enough.

Can you tell by the title of this post and all the pretty laundry room inspiration pictures that we have just started to freshen up our laundry room? After living with a really blah and non-functional space for the past year and a half I've realized that it's time to bite the bullet and make it a pleasant and useful space.  Our laundry room is off the kitchen and has an exit to the outside so it potentially could be transformed into a mudroom as well one day.  Currently it's got the same dingy walls we inherited (can you believe this is the one room we never painted when we moved in?  And we clean our clothes in there.)  We also shoved a giant metal shelving rack in their to help with storage but all it left us with was a big hot mess of a room that didn't really serve any good function.  It became a dumping ground.  You know, that room where you close the doors when some one stops by.  It's time to change all that.

 There is really only but so much you can do with a laundry room because it's probably one of the few spaces in your house where function over form just has to happen whether you like it or not.  And who wants to blow your budget on and over accessorize a room that really just needs to be useful.  I love how each of these rooms isn't pretending to be something it's not yet they are all so lovely.  They make that daily chore just a bit more tolerable.

I'm really excited to whip ours into shape this week!

February 20, 2015


 Happy Friday everyone!  How is your week going?  We've been home all week playing in the snow and despite the cold and a little cabin fever I'm starting to really get into it.  It helps that it's been super sunny and the blanket of snow is reflecting crazy amounts of light into our house.  There is nothing better than a warm home flooded with light. 

I know some of y'all have gotten a tundra in the past few weeks but we don't get that much here.  It snowed once a few weeks ago but melted by afternoon.  This is the first time that it's snowed enough with really cold temps to stick around for more than a few days.  We've been sledding and building snow people like crazy.  My first attempt at a snowman was such a blob.  Second attempt proved much better now that I have my technique down!  Our neighborhood is really hilly which is hard on littles learning to ride bikes but perfect for sledding.  It's been so much fun for our kids to get together with friends and sled and play until their toes are numb.

I think this weekend we'll be hunkering down again and trying to stay warm with some record lows in the forecast.  Time to bring on the bailey's and hot chocolate!

I can't also can't stop thinking about the updates to this house.  I love every single thing this husband and wife team create.  I'm not patient enough to wait for the final reveal.

The Kayce Hughes sale is so good.  I really want to order pretty much one of everything for Wells, this nightshirt for myself, and this preciousness for Tagg.

Have you snagged these $33 pants yet?  Make sure you size down in this brand.

I also am having to literally sit on my hands this morning not to order this jacket.  It's beautiful and would be so warm on this crazy cold morning.  I don't have any sporty coats that cover my behind and I'm thinking all the different ways I could hid leggings and t-shirts under this coat for school drop off! And it's on sale plus an extra 20% off with code: SHOPPINGTIME

In reality I'll be putting this coat on this morning instead.  It's incredibly warm and in such a trusted brand.  I just need to find the longer version I guess.

February 19, 2015

Casual Winter Look

I found the cutest top last week!  Y'all know I stick to a pretty basic uniform so it's really not that surprising that it's a white top that I've paired with some basic neutrals.  But it's got a cute little key-hole detail and both work and mom-age appropriate plus it looks equally good with black work pants as it does with jeans!  Casual, work, and dressy.  I'm sold.  For someone with a slightly large bust for my frame I also love anything that doesn't look matronly while keeping me covered up.  Can you relate?

It's from the Nic + Zoe line at Nordstrom which was new to me.  I like how everything is just that side of appropriate so you can wear it to work or Church without being frumpy.  I've learned that I just want to look effortless and pretty and don't need every outfit I wear to be cutting edge.

The top is thick enough to be worn on it's own although I don't recommend it in crazy cold wintery conditions, I just bared it all to show you the lines!  But in reality I think the material is soft and thin so it looks really good under layers as well.

Nic + Zoe Keyhole top || Jeans || Similar Open Front Cardigan || Similar Leopard loafers || Waxed Jacket

 Lots of really pretty stuff in the Nic + Zoe line.  Perfect for those occasions when you need to be a little more conservative.  I've rounded up my favorites for you!


*this post was brought to you in collaboration with Nordstrom.  All opinions and outfit selections are all my own.

February 18, 2015

Kayce Hughes 70% off Sale

Y'all know I've been a long time fan of Kayce Hughes and I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the giant 70% off sale!  I've rounded a few of the preciousness for you but click here to check out even more adorable clothes at crazy good prices!  I just can't even with the preciousness!

Be sure to check out the new arrivals as well!

Asian Noodle Bowl | Super Easy Recipe

We're on our second snow day after a nice but cold and windy four day weekend.  I'm starting to get a cabin fever!  Something about all this inside time and cold weather has me wanting to eat up a storm.  Plus I've got my personal chef around to whip up anything my heart desires.  I am seriously so lucky to have a husband who cooks!

I just had to share my new favorite lunch because it's so simple and quick and I know y'all will love it too!  It's a Teriyaki Asian noodle bowl.  I can't even tell y'all how easy this recipe is to make.  If you cook the chicken ahead of time you're looking at a ten minute meal full of flavor!  This is also easy to make in bulk and portion out for several days.

Teriyaki Asian Noodle Bowl
1 package of boneless skinless chicken breasts (baked with olive oil and salt + pepper and cut into small thin slices)
1 box of Wheat Pasta cooked according to the directions
Green onions (chop and reserve green top for garnish)
Red Pepper Flakes
Angel Hair Coleslaw
Minced Garlic
Teriyaki Sauce (I used Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce but you can also make your own with equal parts soy sauce and honey, whisk together, add in a tsp of sesame seeds and a pinch of ginger)
Beer or Chicken Stock

In a saute pan, heat to medium and coat with olive oil.  Add garlic, green onions, and red pepper flakes. Throw in pre-cooked chopped chicken, angel hair coleslaw and cilantro.  Cook for a minute to heat through.  Add in a 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce.  Thin sauce with beer or chicken stock as needed.  Add cooked pasta and toss repeatedly to heat through and stir mixture.  Garnish with green onion tops and serve.  Enjoy!

February 17, 2015

Look for Less | Skinny Jeans (Denim Under $100)

I talk all the time about how I splurge on some items and save on others just like all of you do.  But I realized the other day while talking to a friend at the playground that everyone's splurge items aren't the same.  What I want to spend more on might be an item you'd rather spend less.  Or maybe what I think of as a splurge is more like your never gonna happen.  Jeans have always been something I'm willing to pay a lot more for in order to guarantee a good fit.  Plus, jeans are pretty much the basis of my daily uniform so I justify the cost with a lot of wear.  But what about those of you who want a good fit but $190 just isn't in your budget for jeans no matter what?  I wanted to give you a good alternative so I decided to investigate some good denim under $100 in order to find a perfect look for less.

I decided to find an exact replica of my long-time favorite skinny jeans  but in a lower price point.  I did some online searches and narrowed it down to a few brands I wanted to try on in person.  Nordstrom has the biggest selection in all price points so I just clicked on the under $100 section to start browsing.  I made sure I wasn't choosing anything that was only in that price point when on sale.

I found the perfect match in the same brand and style as the colored cords I fell in love with a few weeks ago, KUT from the Cloth, Diana (still on sale for $33, and yes I sized down like the reviews)!  These jeans were literally an exact version of my all time favorites and priced at just under a hundred dollars.  A pretty awesome alternative for those looking to keep a lower price point without sacrificing style.

I'm wearing the KUT from the Kloth "Diana" (found here).  As usual from the Nordstrom site, they look significantly better in person.  I also sized down like other reviewers said.  Cheaper and I can wear a smaller size.  That's just fun.  I've also rounded up of some of my top picks of great denim under $100 below.

*Why are nude D'orsay pumps so hard to find in a normal price range?  These are Sam Edelman like the first pair I linked above.  My back up seems to be missing the nude color now as well but hopefully that will reappear soon.  Seriously, they are my major go-to staple and every woman should be able to own a pair for under $300.  I will continue my hunt for you!  This pair and this pair both look like they are very close and in stock!


This post was brought to you in collaboration with Nordstrom.  All denim reviews and outfit selections are all my own.

February 16, 2015

My View | My sweet girl's room


I pass by this view at least 100 times a day.  My sweet girl's room is still one of my favorite places in our house.  It gets the most amazing morning light and it's beautiful even when it's a mess.  Her room feels so well loved and lived in.  It's home to at least fifty animals and babies and layers of blankets.  Countless toys and books and princess paraphernalia.  I know these lovies and colorful books will one day get replaced by homework and best friend and boyfriends and I never want to forget how it looks right now.  Just like this.

Custom Magnet Board in the Kitchen

I am really excited about our new magnet board!  I hung it just over the breakfast table in the kitchen.  It has the sweetest quote, "I love you much more beautiful darling more than anyone on earth & I like you better than everything in the sky."

What a perfect reminder to my people that I love them more than anything.  And because it's a magnet board it's also really useful.  I can hang important messages or notes or fill it up with little pictures my children make.

The board is actually a printed canvas with a gold painted wood frame.  Lindie & Co has other colors and wood tones available but y'all know I love gold best.  There is actually a whole site full of quotes and words or you can create something completely custom.  Good luck with that!  When they contacted me to see if I wanted to select one of their pieces I literally lost an hour going trying to narrow it down.  I already have my eye on a larger piece to go above my desk! 

I love that it's pretty and inspirational and yet completely practical.  I thought you might like these as well so I'm hosting a little giveaway over on instagram today! 


Also, the print if from the Lulie Wallace 2014 calendar and it's framed in an IKEA RIBBA frame, wall color is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, and the roman shade fabric is Kravet Riad

February 13, 2015

Pretty Things | Valentine's Day Round-Up

Y'all know I've fallen in love with colorful clothes over the past year and a half so I don't need an excuse to rock out pink or red.  But for those of you who are of the all-black camp don't you think Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to break out something a little different?

What Valentine list would be complete with the amazing $33 blush colored cords I've recently fallen in love with.  FYI, I would definitely size down if you are in between sizes for can ever wear a size down.  This brand seems to run a hair big and the pants are pretty stretchy.

Blush Cords ($33 and available in tons of colors!) || Mixed Media Top (also available in tons of colors here and has a great fit) || Oversized Floral Stud Earrings || Kendall Surplice Faux-wrap Dress || Pink Suede Pumps || Embellished Sweater (get an extra 10% off your order with code: LOTSTOLOVE) || One Button Fleece Cardigan || Bobbi Brown Lip Color (Watermelon) || Hunter Rain Boots High Gloss Red (also in matte) Knit Maxi Dress
Get the look here:

Lots of good sales coming this weekend!  I think stores must think that we all sit around on holiday weekend shopping online.  Oh wait, I actually don't do that but I do find myself shopping those sales more than other times of the year.  I think I spend less time in front of the computer but more of that time shopping.  I'm such a sucker for a deal.  Also, think almost everything I've rounded up today is on sale.  Cheers to that!

Also, I saw this quote this morning and I'm pretty sure I've shared it here before.  But it's important and worth remembering.  People wait all week for Friday, all year for summer, all life for happiness.  What a freaking waste.  Your life is what happens while you wait.  Choose to be happy right now.  

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February 11, 2015

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

Have you checked out the Kate Spade Surprise Sale yet?  It's not a huge sale but there is some pretty awesome stuff included!  Prices are 75% off so you can get some really great bags and wallets for a deal.  Check out my top picks below!

Charm City Ostrich Diehl || Cove Street Aierel || Highland Place Neda Wallet || Deborah Skirt || Bangle Watch || Round Pave Stud Earrings || Moon River Striped Bangle || Gumdrop Stud Earrings || Patch Leather Sweater

February 10, 2015

Greek White Bean Salad Recipe | Dairy-Free

I wasn't planning on posting recipes two days in a row but I have a new one that I couldn't wait to share with you.  This recipe actually came from one of my good friend's husbands.  Seriously love men who can cook.  Anyway, she sent me home with some of this delicious bean salad yesterday and it was a huge hit.  I immediately got a hold of the recipe.

Obviously you make this in bulk ahead of time and let it marinate.  Matthew had a huge lunch and wanted something light but hearty for dinner so I made a mixed green salad with rotisserie chicken.  I topped that with feta cheese and Brianna's rose vinaigrette.  Obviously, don't add the feta cheese if you need to keep this recipe dairy-free.

I love a good healthy chicken dinner recipe. 

Greek White Bean Salad
(4) 15oz. cans white beans drained
(1) 15oz can of stewed tomatoes
1/2 cup of basil
1/2 cup of mint
1/2 parsley
4 garlic cloves, pressed
1 red onion, chopped
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1/3 cup of olive oil
salt + pepper

*it's also delicious topped with feta cheese if you don't need to be dairy-free.

February 9, 2015


Happy Monday friends!  Did everyone enjoy this amazing Spring-like weather we were treated to this weekend?  What an awesome surprise!  Of course it's already back to cold here for the week so I'm thinking we'll be hibernating by the end of this week.  I've got a really yummy served for you today served two ways.  The standard recipe we've been making for years and a dairy-free version that we make most often now.  It's really good and stores well in the freezer which is always a plus!  Such a hearty soup that no one will doubt this as a main course.

Potato Soup with Sausage and Chicken:
olive oil
diced yellow onion
diced red peppers
smoked sausage
chicken stock
Paul Pruhomme's Blacked Red Fish Magic Seasoning
*fresh shaved Parmesan cheese*

Saute the onions in olive oil over medium heat until they sweat.  Add in red peppers and sausage and heat until browned.  Add in a the chicken and cook until browned.  De-glaze the pan with a cup of beer.  Add in a box of chicken stock, cut potatoes, corn, and chopped garlic.  Add in about 2 Tbsp of Magic Red Fish seasoning.  You may also need to add a cup or two of water to ensure the potatoes are completely under water.  Turn to medium high until you get a rolling boil and continue on that heat for about 20-25 minutes stirring occasionally.  *Reduce to medium-low and add about a tablespoon or two of parsley.  Continuing simmering for at least twenty minutes.

*If you want to make this with dairy,  add a cup of cream to the mixture just before you reduce the heat and let simmer.  Top with fresh shaved Parmesan cheese.

Serve hot with crusty bread of course!

February 6, 2015

St. George, The Dragon Slayer | Congenital Heart Defect Awareness

 As some of you may know, our daughter was born with a severe birth defect that required cranial surgery at both seven weeks and nine months.  It was not detected on an anatomy scan as it should have been.  Or rather, the defect was shrugged off as a faulty equipment reading caused by a the position of the baby.  We were shocked and unprepared for a challenging delivery and infant with an obvious issue.  Nothing bleeds like a mother's heart for her suffering child.  It was horrible and life changing, but it was over as quickly as it began and she is fine.  Through that ordeal, I grew an incredible compassion for families affected by childhood medical issues.  My heart literally aches for those whose defects or illness aren't so swiftly and permanently corrected.

I'd like to talk to y'all for a minute about my little friend St. George.  He's a dragon slayer.

George was one of 1-100 children born each year with a heart defect.  Think that number is high?  It's not.  How many of you were told just after delivery that your baby had a slightly irregular rhythm or small hole in their heart that would most likely heal itself?  That was my second child, and it did within weeks.  Remember how frightening and devastating that felt? 

Imagine if it didn't go away on it's own.  Imagine if your baby had a defect so life-threatening that it would take a lifetime of surgeries and procedures just to keep he or she alive.  That is little George's reality and his incredible Mama, my friend Elisabeth, has used her platform to share George's courageous story and to help bring some awareness to Congenital Heart Defect Awareness.

In return for our public awareness and prayers and encouragement for her sweet baby boy, she offers the world the gift of sharing a glimpse into the life of her two well-dressed, outrageously adorable boys being little boys.  Pretty fair trade-off.  She is showing the world what the face of a life-threatening birth defect looks like and how you can over come.

Many people think of the 20 week anatomy scan as the “gender reveal” ultrasound but the point of that ultrasound is actually to check ALL the baby’s anatomy - heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, etc - development. Sadly, not all stenographers are created equal so there are some key questions people should ask at their anatomy appointment. Also, it is so important to get second opinions.  George would not be alive had his parents not insisted on a second opinion.  I’m not being sensational, it is fact. 

Elisabeth was part of an awareness video before George was born, developed by Boston Children’s Hospital and these are the questions George’s cardiologist (and a panel of other cardiology experts) put together as what needs to be asked about the heart at the anatomy ultrasound.  Asking this as well as insisting on a pulse ox scan (a non-invasive test to determine the oxygen level in the baby’s blood) after birth can make all the difference in early detection.

1. Can you see all 4 chambers of the heart?
2. Do the two upper chambers have valves? Do those valve appear to be controlling blood flow correctly?
3. Are there two lower chambers that are pumping blood to the body?
4. Are the valves / vessels exiting the heart in a crossing fashion?
5. Do you see any large holes in the heart?

Here is all I'm asking of you today, just to be aware.

1. To bring more funding to congenital heart defects so there can be more innovation and fewer children will die from this.

2. To help more people have early detection of congenital heart defects so they can be treated proactively.  

If you find your heart (pun intended) moved as I have been by sweet St. George and his life-long journey slaying dragons click here to learn more about his story.  You can also read the piece written by Children's Hospital after his first open-heart surgery and the follow-up story for more information.

February 5, 2015

Design Series

Hey friends!  I'm just popping in real quick to let you know that I'm over at my friend Michaela's blog kicking off her designer files series.  What an amazing compliment to be included amongst that title.  Anyway, learn a little bit more about my design philosophy and check out all the other pretty tidbits she shares daily.  Check it out here!

February 4, 2015

White Planked Bathrooom

Well surprise surprise, we've started another project.  Why start and finish one when you can literally make baby steps into several projects at once.  The good news is that they all eventually get done this way.  I think.

I absolutely love this powder room below and it looks to be exactly the same size and layout as ours.  Such a pretty blank slate!  I love all that white and the soft linen roman shade.  And man, how pretty is that marble top?

We've decided to keep the existing wood paneling and just paint it white like we did in the family room.  It's such a beast of burden to paint over that dark stain but I like the interest it adds over just plain drywall.  Of course our paneling doesn't go to the ceiling like it does in these bathrooms so I've got to decide if I'm going to recreate it on the top half or just paint it white to match.  I can almost guarantee you what my husband's vote is on this. 

Originally I wanted to do something bold on the top half with a colorful wallpaper but I'm rethinking that now.  I'm infamous for waffling between a love of color and a need for more neutral spaces.  My best guess is to stick with neutral and let the art and accessories be colorful for now.  Maybe do a fun pom-pom trim on a plain roman shade. 

 We also need to decide what to do about the existing sink console.  It's really big and clunky and stained dark brown like the paneling.  It's got an ugly cream seashell sink too.  Lovely.  While we both agree that a nice new pedestal sink would look best that means doing something new with the flooring in order to address the gap in the floor under the old sink cabinet.

I could paint it white or maybe taupe and pop a new stone counter top on top.   But it's old and dirty and not very well made so it might be better to just purchase a whole new vanity.  We'll see.

February 3, 2015

Blue and Green infused Family Room Plans

I'm not officially ready to say I'm over the neutral look but I can say with confidence that I'm excited about letting some blues and greens sneak into the family room.  One of the reasons I wanted to keep the paneling in here white was to keep that fresh and bright look.  But paired with our white slip covered sofas, white linen drapes, white fireplace, and tan, white and gray pillows I was beginning to feel like it was missing something.  I'm not really into the whole "pop of color" school of design so my plan involves just layering in a few pieces to make this room feel more complete and tie in with the rest of our home.

You could definitely call this beach chic or California Cool and I'd be happily take on that label right here in the middle of Virginia.  I prefer fresh and bright twists on traditional and color that's not in your face.  I think this achieves that perfectly.  If you look closely, alot of these elements are actually pretty timeless on there own. 

I bought this art print for myself over a year ago and I'm finally having it framed.  I'm going with a white mat and thin white frame.  I'm going to be using our existing wooden console but painting it white.  It's from Target eons ago and it's the perfect size so no need to look for something else.  I don't really have room on the wall I'm working with for this ghost chair but the price it's too fabulous and such a good price I may have to make it work anyway,

*affiliate links used

February 2, 2015

Mother/Daughter Pajamas and thoughts on Junior Kindergarten

Wells recently picked out a matching pair of pajamas for us and it melts my heart to see her so excited to look just like me.  She's also a huge fan of being old enough to wear the grown up style jammies as she refers to this button up set.  I feel like most of the time I'm wishing time would slow down but recently the fun I've been having with my best girl leaves me excited about the kind of relationship we'll have as she grows.  

This little bug will be five on her next Birthday which pretty much blows my mind.  The memories we're making now are beginning to be the ones she'll remember forever.  It's hard to believe that for so long I was juggling babies and diapers and snacks while we were just trying to make it through the day and now we've landed smack dab into the swiftness of childhood.  Speaking of which, we've got lots of big decisions coming up on the horizon.  The Big K is the biggest on our minds.  With such a late summer Birthday we're weighing the pro's and con's of doing a Junior Kindergarten in the fall.  So many emotions tied to that one.  I'm thankful Tagg has a winter Birthday so we only have to make this decision once.  He'll turn five and then he'll go to Kindergarten.  Easy enough. 

Our preschool offers two wonderful JK's; a traditional half-day program and one that extends to 2pm second semester.  I don't worry so much that Wells can't handle real Kindergarten because I know she can.  She's bright and thoughtful and thrives on schedules and responsibility.  It's the middle and high school years that I'm worried about.  Being barely 18 as she enters a world full of adults forever.  I just think it might be something wonderful to gift her one more year to be little.  But we'll see.  There are so many factors at play and thankfully there really isn't a wrong answer.  If she goes, she'll be amazing and if she waits she'll be amazing.  It's just a question of timing.

These adorable and comfy pajamas (kids/womens) are from Malabar Bay and because I know you love these as much as I do they've graciously offered everyone 25% off site-wide with the Promo Code: JuliaRyanCreates so you can pick out some cute PJ's or something else pretty as well!  In addition to their lounge wear I love their scarves and tunics as well.

They're really soft but sturdy and I love how well these held up in the wash, literally no shrinking which is important for someone on the taller side like me.  For size reference, Wells wears a size 5 or 6 and is in a size 6 here and I'm in an adult small.  There is some wiggle room on the bottom because of the tie waist in the womens pants but the top is a slender fit.  I'd say size up for girls for sure.  Also, they're not at all translucent even with the white background so I'd feel comfortable rocking these in my kitchen with colored panties and no bra.  That's pretty important.

Thank you to Malabar Bay for allowing my sweet girl to pick out a pair of "grown up girl" pajamas and for gifting us a second matching set for her mama.