April 18, 2014

Technical Difficulties | Ads Ons Plug Ins and Such

I'm experiencing some technical difficulties with my computer controls this morning.  I've been sitting here for an hour trying to fix it without much success.  My husband finally just said, why don't you walk away from it for awhile and come hang out with your family.  I think he's right.  There may or may not be an updated post from me later today.  Just cross your fingers I figure out how to stop blocking ad-ons and learn how to enable a javascript I can't find on my computer.  Eh.

Do you have big plans for Easter weekend?  My sister and her family are flying in today from Nashville.  I'm so excited for Wells and Tagg to play with their cousins.  We have two Egg Hunts and a brunch in line for tomorrow and another brunch after Church on Sunday. 

As per usual, the kids outfits are all planned and coordinated yet I still have no clue what I'm wearing to anything.  I'm going Southern with a nod to Baby George with Tagg's clothes for a change.  Y'all usually just see his play clothes not his Sun'dy best.  I'm pretty excited to doll him up a bit for probably the last time. 

April 17, 2014

Beach Pictures Part 1 | Pawleys Island

I have to give full disclosure that this post may be entirely for the grandparents and great grandparents to appreciate.  And I also must warn you that I only got through half of our pictures from Pawleys Island last night so there might be another post just as photo heavy coming your way soon.

April 16, 2014

Beach Update

 Hey!  Just popping in for a minute today.  We had a great time at the beach but it's nice to be home.  Although I have to say I'm a bit shocked by the cooler temperatures.  I'm pretty sure we all agreed that Spring was now here, finally.

The kids have a limit for adventure and crave the familiar of home.  I'm thankful for that.  Wells woke up super early but happy.  Excited to be in her own bed.  Tagg had kind of a rough start going back to his crib last night after a week in a queen sized bed with me.  Thankfully he's still snoozing and Wells is still snugging in bed with all of her sweetums.  I'm sneaking down stairs for coffee. 

I know everyone is already sharing their favorites from the ShopBop Friends and Family Sale but 25% off sitewide is too good not to mention myself.  Just be sure to use code: INTHEFAMILY14 at checkout.  Especially these jeans and these shoes that I'm wearing above.  I literally live in both of those items.  You can also see more details of my outfit above in this post here

April 15, 2014

Real Life

Okay friends, we're on the way back from the beach today and we couldn't be more thrilled to see Daddy tonight.  All of us.  I'm going to get in major trouble for posting this today.  Matthew is not real big on having his picture taken, much less posing live on the blog.  But these pictures are just too sweet and I can't help myself.  And I'm locked in a car with a two year old and a three year old on 1-95 today so it's impossible for me to take them down until tonight.  Love it.

April 14, 2014

Real Life: Bedtime Stories

 I feel like I threw my family under the bus on Friday.  I didn't mean to do that.  I think anyone with kids understands.  The highs of parenting always outweigh the lows.  End of story.  It's not as if a few hours of good behavior can completely dissolve the memory of a meltdown, but it sure does help.  Maybe that's why God takes away our memory after we have children.

I never want to forget the magic of these two snuggled up on our bed watching movies and reading books before bed.  The love you can feel and carry with you for days.  The smell of a clean baby that lingers on your sheets.  The innocent fun of tickles and lots of pillows.  The illogical transformation of a big mess of a child cleaned up fresh and small again.

April 11, 2014

Eat Cake For Breakfast | Or Donuts For Lunch

It's been a trying week friends.  Wells isn't feeling well and she's gone completely crazy.  She's 3.5 going on 13, I swear.  It's out of character for her usual sweet self.  She yells, she slams doors, she "quits our family", uses curse words (ooops, my bad.  I most definitely never drop the eff bomb), and overall refuses comfort.  Tagg, in return, gets super clingy which is actually hard to do for a Velcro baby.  I didn't realize we could actually be any closer without  him official climbing back into the womb.  My allergies are acting up and I'm hormonal.  Oh yeah, and we left yesterday for a week at the beach without my husband.  Can you sense the dread in my voice.

The truth is I'm just not looking forward to spending six days alone with them.  I know it will be fine once we get there.  And get on the beach.  And see old friends.  And drink lots of wine.  It's just hard vacationing as a single mom.  It's hard doing much of anything with a two year old and a three year old.

Can any of you relate?  Do you ever get away with just the kids and leave your husband behind at work?  I'm actually used to being a one-woman show most of the time so the missing few hours of co-parenting won't be that big of an adjustment.  And there is nothing a little salt water and sand can't fix.  And we're making memories.  So setting out on these adventures is always worth the extra work.

I don't want to leave this post full of negativity so I thought it would be fun to list 5 random things about myself.  A different twist on five for friday.

1. I always buy myself donuts when I bulk grocery shop.  I usually eat at least 2 or 3 on the ride home.  I buy allergy approved treats for the kids too so I can relish my treat in peace.

2.  I'm obsessed with Perrier slim cans and La Croix sparkling water.  I have at least one every afternoon.  I never drink soda so this is my vice. 

3.  I prefer to sit on porches and boats and look at the ocean over actually getting sandy.

4.  I still haven't bought a new coffee maker after our discussing a few weeks ago.  I have my mind made up but I just can't pull the trigger.  I'm this way with so many things.  I'm not indecisive just trigger-shy.

5.  I almost never go anywhere but pertinent errands, school, church, playdates, and playgrounds with my kids.  Always with a 2 hour limit.  Asking anything else of them or myself is just entirely too overwhelming.  I know our limits and I don't push them.  I don't really do anything of the things that a SAHM should do.  I know we're all happy for it.  I think our culture expects too much of mothers.

Okay, so how was that for an off-topic post.  I promise to get back to pretty shoes and lip gloss in no time. 

April 10, 2014

Currently Obessed: Home

I get Spring Fever with my home decor as well as my attitude.  Right now I want to freshen up my house big time.  I guess that's the trouble with decorating over time, there is always an area that needs a little pick me up!

Any particular room you're working on right now?  We're still plugging away at our master bedroom but I've got my eye out on some extra organization for our family room and playroom and some tweaks in the kitchen.  It never really ends right.

Kyoto Pillow || Riviera Side Chair || Knot Sheets || Mercado Basket || blackbirds cachepot || Wave Bowl || Leopard Lumbar Pillows ||  Monterey Duvet || Striped Taper Candles ||

April 9, 2014

Outfit Obsessed: White Shorts

I've rounded up my top ten Spring Essentials.  No surprise here, they're all basics.  I just don't have the budget to buy things that aren't workhorses.  If it can't do double duty, work day to night, and go well with at least several outfits I tend to leave it behind.  But I like to think my look is anything but boring.  In fact the older I get the more I appreciate a pretty classic wardrobe.

Kerrington Tote || Chambray Shirt || Tory Burch Modern Aviators || Tory Burch Leticia Flat Thong Sandals || White shorts || White Blouse || Gold Chain Necklace ||  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer || Lilly Pulitzer Kristin Leather Wedge || KATE SPADE The Never Ending Love Story Clutch ||

April 8, 2014

Currently Obsessed: Spring

Okay, day two of cold rain.  We are obviously making up for all that sunshine last week I guess.  At least it's given me a chance to search out some new finds for Spring.  I'm still loving a quiet walk into Spring with neutrals.  I'm especially loving navy right now which is new for me.  Blue in general has never been my top color.  I can tell that's really changing. 

|| Plum Pretty Sugar Shortie Set || Adalyn Clutch || Crystal Bib Necklace || Tieks | Leaf Pillow Cover ||
|| Dolce Vita Damalis Ankle Wrap Sandals || Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil || Tory Burch Madura One Piece ||  Madewell Rainy Day Umbrella (navy and white stripe) ||

|| Citizens of Humanity Racer Skinny Jeans| || Extra Large Mercado Basket ||

And I just checked my email and was thrilled to see that Furbish is hosting another Britt Bass Pop Up Shop today at 11am.  Don't miss out!

Click here to shop her amazing colorful abstract art!