April 23, 2015

Bar Cart Love + My DIY Bar Cart

I spotted a little black metal two tiered rolling rack of sorts last weekend at a thrift store for $9.  While others saw a wobbly piece missing it's shelves, I immediately saw a bar cart.  I took it home and gave it a once over with some gold spray paint just to make sure my vision wasn't blurry.  It is going to be as fantastic as I thought it would be.  I still need to finish painting and build shelves.

The big decisions:
Paint:  gold or white
Shelves:  Glass or Mirror or wood shelves

Here is where we are now.  I'm loving the gold, although I ran out of spray paint and need to pick up another can.  I would also love to find an acrylic tray to place on top but that size might be wishful thinking.  I'm also thinking mirror on the top shelf and glass on the bottom two might be nice.  Thoughts?

You can see the true before below.  Even then it was calling my name.  The lines, size, and shape are all perfect.  I could see even putting this in our bedroom or my office upstairs as a coffee bar station instead of using it as an actual alcohol bar.  Our house has really squeaky stairs and I've thought about how nice it would be to make coffee upstairs before the kids get up.  This might be my chance to make that happen!

 I've got lots of inspiration below.  It's really just a matter of choosing color and shelf material.  Which way do you think I should go?  Do you have a bar cart in your house?

So much goodness.  Now I want a drink!

April 22, 2015

One Room Challenge: Week Four

Welcome to week three of the ORC friends. That means we are officially over half way through.  I'm starting to get nervous because there is still lots to be finished!  As the room comes together I have ideas blossoming in my head all the time for ways to make it function better and I don't know if there is time for all that organic evolution with this deadline looming.

If you're new here be sure to check out week one and week two and week three to see how our master bedroom is evolving.  My goal over the next two remaining weeks is to create a soothing and spa like master retreat.

First up, I need to finalize the table to go in between our new chairs.  I've debated a few different options in my head and been scouring stores the past few weeks but nothing was right.  Yesterday afternoon I got ancy and moved the console table I ordered to go underneath the mounted tv and placed it in between the two chairs.  I think I love it.  Of course that leaves nothing to go under the tv at this point so as I fix one problem I have created another.

I can already tell styling the table is going to be the most fun part.  Matthew and I have been using these chairs nightly and a lamp was a necessity.  I like the idea of two so we can both see to read and he can leave his side on when I hop into bed first.

It's hard to see, but if you look at the sides of the two windows you can see the slight slope in the wall.  This makes hanging anything on the wall in between the windows really hard. I like the idea of a long narrow table over something smaller and rounder so I can rest some art or maybe a mirror and add some visual height.  We're also planning on doing Roman Shades because that slope makes hanging drapes a bit tricky.

Below is the current tv situation.  I don't love it.  You can see why I was willing to move the console table to the other wall.  I know everything will look completely different with the tv mounted on the wall instead of sitting directly on a table.  We just need to do hang it so I can re-asses.  Originally it was resting on an ikea dresser but we've since moved that into the closet you see above.  We are fortunate to have decent closet space for an older home and Matthew was adamant that we not have a traditional dresser in this space if we could help it.  We've really paired down our wardrobes and learned to make our closets work for us which helps tremendously.  I'll share more on that in another post.

I'm not one that feels like you need to hide the tv or decorate to disguise it.  It is what it is.  And let's be honest, it is REAL nice to look at before I fall asleep.  I feel the same way about my ceiling fan.  It's just not going anywhere.  I don't feel the need to disguise my oven or my toilet.  I just deal and make everything around it pretty.  But this zone is proving harder for me than I anticipated.

 Also on the priority list, my plan to cover a long body pillow in Schumacher's Garden of Persia has stalled.  There's not dramatic story, I'm just getting nervous.  This fabric has a beautiful pattern that is larger in scale than the pillow cover I need to make and each time I shift the fabric up or down the entire image changes.  I can't decide which part to highlight.  I'm also getting really nervous about cutting the fabric and sewing this myself.  It's such a nice fabric and I don't want to mess it up.  My mom is usually my go-to seamstress but she and my dad are visiting my brother in Italy and won't return until after this challenge is over so it's up to me to figure it how.  Wish me luck.

Yikes.  There is still so much to do!  It's a bit overwhelming but I think I'm finally starting to feel like this is going to feel layered and cozy and actually complete in just a few weeks.  Stay tuned!

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April 20, 2015

Do You Sneak? | Mom Style Sneaker Love

Do you have a pair of sneakers? Separate from the running shoes you might wear to work-out.  I need some.  I'm not about to denounce my love for pretty sandals or flats.  Let's be real, they're my favorite.  But I'm finding myself wanting to grab something a bit more athletic more and more.  And I always love a good justification to buy something new.

Scenario one.  I throw on a pair of a jeans and a tee and a cute pair of flats.  Perfect for looking pulled together while running errands, carpool, etc.  Maybe I'll even throw this on for a day date with my husband.  This is pretty much my mom uniform any day of the week and I love it because it works.

Scenario two.  I'm in my jeans and tee and I'm barefoot because we don't wear shoes in the house.   It's just after lunch and the kids want to go play with chalk or ride scooters in the driveway.  Or it's Saturday morning and we have no real plans but it's too nice to sit inside so we hit the backyard.  Maybe we'll end up walking around the neighborhood or in a neighbor's yard for a while.  

What pair of shoes do I grab? 

I've rounded up my favorite below.  Help me choose!!


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April 15, 2015


Welcome to week three of the ORC friends.  If you're new here be sure to check out week one and week two to see how our master bedroom is evolving.

My goal over the next few remaining weeks is to create a soothing retreat.  A soft space to relax at the end of the day but with all the special touches of a luxurious seaside spa resort.  While my husband and I both want the same end result we don't agree 100% on every detail along the way.  So I'm also learning how to execute this so we're both really pleased.  But a happy wife makes a happy life. While I take my husband's opinion into consideration, ultimately I'm the one pulling the strings in this makeover and he's pretty much okay with that.  He still gets veto power but is letting me make most of the design decisions.

Last week I discussed using my favorite fabric on our bed and many of your agreed that one long pillow would really highlight the pretty pattern.  I bought a $9 body pillow from target to test out how we liked the look and feel of a big long pillow in front of the Euro shams and I have to say so far I'm convinced.    I plan to cover it in Schumacher's Garden of Persia.

Our new chairs arrived from Arhaus and I'm smitten.  Actually it's fair to say I'm in looooooooooove.  There is nothing more exciting than actual bona fide adult pieces of furniture that aren't hand me downs and such good quality they will last for years to come.

I moved our storage bench up from the laundry room.  I decided to make the switch instead of making a new cover for our old bench. It's a perfect match and right now I feel like I'd be biting off more than I could chew with figuring out hot to make a new seat cushion and slipcover for it.

I've also been playing around with some new art prints that arrived from Minted.  I was really excited to try out their art for the first time and was blown away with the quality.  I was hesitant to purchase the frames as well but I'm so glad I did because they're really well done and more important they came ready to hang on a wall.  Sad to say a few prints I bought over a year ago still haven't been taken to a frame shop.

That's it for this week!  Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for more updates.  You can also follow along on instagram for even more little sneak peaks on the progress in our master bedroom!


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April 14, 2015

Delicious Design | Design Crush

One of the best things about pinterest, besides cataloging my favorites, is falling down a rabbit hole and landing on a new portfolio.  I've fallen head over heals in love with everything Delicious Designs touches.  Lots of classic and traditional pieces with a fresh and colorful feel against a bright white background.  I'm in interior design heaven.  S

These spaces come from two different houses but I don't think I could choose a favorite. Seriously, can I just collect these room and move in?  I don't even have a favorite room or design element it's just lots and lots of all-over goodness.  Enjoy!

April 13, 2015

Pajama Talk: When do you put on your pajamas at night?

When do you put on your pajamas? 

I was sitting around with some friends the other night talking about when we put on our pajamas.  Literally.  Two glasses of wine in and a "let's not talk about our kids" rule doesn't always produce fruitful conversations about politics or the Middle East. But it's something we all have in common no matter your age or station in life yet everyone does it there own way.  So really, when do you put on your pajamas?

 I'll go first.  I like to put my p.j.'s on just after supper.  When I take the kids upstairs to get ready for bed and put them in their pajamas I put mine on too.  I might still need to finish up chores or work but you better believe it's in 100% cotton and an elastic waist.  I watch tv or read a book and enjoy that quiet time.  All in pajamas. What about you?  Do you wait until the very last minute before you hop into bed to get changed?  Side note, I also like to keep them on as late as possible in the mornings as well.  It's usually the absolute last thing I do before I walk out the door. 

Maybe I like pretty pj.s because I spend so much time in them.  Or maybe I feel like it's a little luxury I can gift myself at the end of each day.  Like no matter what went to shit that day or how much I didn't get accomplished from my to-do list I still deserve to slip into something soft and relax.  I mentally take my mom clothes or my work clothes or my whatever clothes off and give myself permission to just think about me.  It's an end of the day ritual as much as making my coffee is a wake-up ritual in the morning.

In my head it looks something like this:  long bubble bath with wine and pandora, wrapping up in a pretty cashmere robe while I quietly read another book from my monthly list before heading to bed, and a full night of sleep.  Oh and my hair magically dried itself.  Dreamy.

In reality it's much more like this:  Something cute and cozy and completely machine-washable that's appropriate for taking out the trash or grabbing something I left in the car, then laying on my bed watching Bravo or netflix with a half empty glass of wine on my bedside table where I pass out by nine o'clock.  True Story!

You know I love all those pretty soft neutrals.  And all those stripes and elastic waists are calling my name!  I found all these pretty looks at Nordstrom and I thought they would all be perfect picks for Mother's Day gifts.  Who doesn't love a cozy new robe and some pretty pajamas?  It's not the kind of thing mom's always want to spend on themselves but I can promise you they'll appreciate it.  No matter how early or late you wait to put on your pj's these are sure to please!

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April 10, 2015

Love it or Leave it | Modern Table Skirts

FRIDAY!!!!  Welcome to the start of the weekend friends.  Our new chairs (friends + family sale has them at 30% off) got delivered yesterday and now all I can think about it is what table to pair with them.  I'm supposed to leave the bedroom updates for Wednesday ORC posts but I think I found a little loophole if I just talk about random tables today.  Right?  I mean I may or may not be thinking about putting a table in between the two chairs.  Get a sneak peak before Wednesday and see what I'm talking about here.

Skirted Tables.  I know we've talked this before and I've made two for an old bookcase we own.  But it's been years and I'm curious your current thoughts.  This time I want to discuss round table skirts only. 

I, for one, still love them for two big reasons.
1. They offer immediate hidden storage with clean lines
2.  You can transform an old or ugly piece of furniture into some thing beautiful and it doesn't involve spray paint.

Bonus:  You can create them with staple guns, Velcro, and hem tape which let's any skill level play along.

I think they're such nice way to add a softness to a room with a lot of angled furniture.  Think of how many square and rectangles are in your rooms.  I think the big key factor for keeping it fresh is pleats in lieu of the big gathered or full skirted balloon look.

It's also a fun way to use a bold pattern or pricier fabric in a major way without the yardage needed for window treatments.

Curious on your thoughts.  Love it?  Leave it?  Don't hate it but can't really see how it would work in your own house.

April 9, 2015

Making it Work || Pink Tile in the bathroom

One of my good friends sent me a text yesterday asking if the pink-ish tile in her parents bathroom was the same as what is in our kids upstairs hall bathroom and if so, what colors would I pair with it to make it less dated?  Her mom wants to spruce up the space but doesn't plan to renovate.  I feel like the same tile guy must have been traveling all over the southeast peddling this stuff because it's everywhere.  And honestly, so many of us dream of an newly gutted all-white tiled haven but that's just not going to happen any time soon.  But we also want something decent enough for right now.

Side note, I've heard some really good stuff about painting tile and I actually want to try my hand at that soon.  Many people aren't going to do that step for many reasons but are still  looking for a way to make what they have work better.  So I thought it would be helpful to show a plan for making a beige-y pink tile bathroom look more modern!

Again, I obviously wouldn't seek this tile out but there are certainly ways to make it work.  Do you have an old bathroom you have leave as is for now?  Do you try to downplay the color as well?

April 8, 2015


Welcome back to Week 2 of the ORC!  If you're new this week you can start at the beginning and check out my plan for our master bedroom makeover here.

I'll be perfectly honest, it was Easter Weekend and the pollen in the air has Tagg's asthma flared up big time so I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped.  Is till need to add another coat of paint to the walls, scrape the windows, dap and paint the crown and molding, and paint the doors.  Boring stuff but it needs to be done before I get much further. 

So what did I do this past week? Fors starters, I ordered two yards of Schumacher Garden of Persia Dove Fabric which arrived.  It's so beautiful!  Like really really lovely in person.  I have been in love with this fabric after spying it in several rooms I loved online for a while.  I just need to decide if I want to make Euro Shams with it like I had originally intended or recover a bench cushion with it instead.  You can see below where I tested it out on both spaces.  I'm torn.  I feel like I need to get a few more textiles in the room before I make such a big decision.

 Here is a little bit of inspiration for what I'm thinking.  You can see the garden of persia in the pink colorway.  I love that but I wanted to go with the taupey-grey for Matthew.

I popped a bench and mirror onto the wall in between the closet and bathroom doors to try to create a little seating vignette.  I don't love the mirror or the bench as-is but I'm liking the idea of them.  This room doesn't really get much light so it's nice to have such a large mirror opposite the windows.  And it's always nice to have a little extra seating in a room.

Although I loved that fabric as shams, you can see below that it could be really pretty and extremely functional to add this as a skirt to my existing bench.  That would be perfect for hiding a basket of shoes or extra linens.  I could always use a less expensive fabric to make a skirted cover and then a small pillow cover with the schumacher fabric if I have any extra.  That's probably a more wise plan.

 So this week we also had an electrician come out and install an outlet in the middle of the wall directly across from our bed.  This way we can hang the tv without any cords hanging down. We still need to drill a hole in the wall to feed the cable cord through so that won't show either.  We plan on plugging the box and storing it in the spare closet adjacent to where the tv will hang.

That's it for this week!  Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for more updates.  You can also follow along on instagram for even more little sneak peaks on the progress in our master bedroom!


I am so honored to be a part of such a fabulous list of bloggers!  A few of my very favorites that I know you'll recognize are on here and some new to me blogs that you'll love as well!  Be sure to check out the progress from the other participants below. I promise they won't disappoint!

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