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May 21, 2009

The backyard

I know most of y'all think that life at the beach is gorgeous and sunny every day. Well, somebody should give the weather this week that memo. It's been cool and rainy for days and days. This doesn't make for very pretty outdoor pictures, but, it's helping our little lawn grow.
We've already managed to do some landscaping despite our huge workload inside the house. There aren't any real before pictures so these will have to do. Basically, it was just a big expanse of grass and dirt. So far, the beds have been edged and pine straw laid on top. The tress are lovely, but, make it really hard to grow grass or flowers. We've got a few flowers blooming and I can't wait until our trees and bushes grow up and create even more privacy.

the manicured portion of the back yard

the "natural" half of the back yard

Hey Heather, doesn't this lawn look just perfect for a game of croquet? I think Mint Juleps and lawn games are in our future. Just don't call red. Heather is ALWAYS red.

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