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May 19, 2009


Laundry Room
I got so excited about the joys of home ownership and renovations that I forgot to take a before picture of the laundry room. It looked just like the kitchen, only smaller. I plan to never use this room. I hate doing laundry and I dry clean my jeans.
The Master Bedroom
Our sad little master bedroom on night 2 of home ownership. Notice our headboard that was damaged when we moved it to storage. I'm hoping gorilla glue can fix it! I convinced my husband that we really need to move in despite the crazy construction and lack of furniture
but, at least we have a TV and the complete collection of Grey's Anatomy and Sex & the City DVD's!!!!

I moved a few essentials into the closet. I can't wait to get all of my clothes out of storage so I can organize them in this dreamy closet! Eventually I want to paint and wallpaper in here but that will have to wait.

A little de-wallpapering in the upstairs hall bath
It's good for the soul...NOT!
*Notice the removal of before-mentioned non-conveying mirror

removing wallpaper from 1978 SUCKS. There is no amount of wallpaper remover that can tackle this baby easily. My fingernails were ruined and I was covered in sticky used paste. This is icky and I will never do it again.
The Office
My handy husband removed two closets and a really sparkly chrome and etched glass built-in display shelf
He has big plans for the clean up of this room. I might need to borrow someone's Dyson...

or everyone I know's Dyson.
The Kitchen
We removed the door in the hallway and put our first coat of fresh paint on the walls. The color is Lafayette as a shout out to one of my favorites...Samantha!!!! And while some may say that Mardi Gras is over so she's not the Queen anymore, I say puhlease, Scrammy you will always be the Queen in our hearts! Not only did the walls need an update, so did the cabinets. They're actually really nice and well built cabinets so we decided to paint them instead of replacing them. Thanks Mom for your hard work and painting skills!!
It was so hard to sitting around waiting for the kitchen cabinet drawers to dry so I could put on the fancy pants new silver knobs that I went to two home depots to find! This step lasted several days which is great since neither my husband nor I excel at waiting.
Faux Faux Gaux Away
We've almost got the peach "treatment" (yep, that one was for you Jen) entirely covered up. The wall color is actually more green than it looks in the pictures
More progress on the cabinets. Notice that we still managed to have wine glasses in the doorless cabinets and cases of Budweiser! That is how we survived the insanity!
Our little drawers were put in the sun room to dry! Please avert your eyes to the nastiness called a carpet on the floor. Don't worry it's since been removed!

Downstairs Hall Bathroom
Do you remember when I said I couldn't wait to gut it? Well neither could my husband. He enlisted the help of his dad and knocked this out in one afternoon!

and then I came along and shut the door. Tightly. This door stayed shut for another three weeks until they could put in the new bathroom. I'm still waiting on that...
Living Room
We painted (okay, my Mom painted) the living room and dining room a beautiful blue color from the Mount Vernon collection at Sherwin Williams as a shout out to my home state of Virginia!
The husband then came along with his air compressor, saw and tape measure and began installing chair rail that would tie into the wainscoting. He's building it all by hand!

My renovation hero is also building a new mantle for moi because I hated the old one. This one is much more in proportion to the room. I can't decide whether or not to paint the bricks white. They're actually not so bad now that half of them are covered up. Any suggestions? He also took out the nasty old gas fireplace insert and converted this baby back to wood burning. I can't wait for those cold cold Pawleys nights...oh wait...well, it looks fab anyway!

This is where the living room and dining room meet. Super interesting, right!
The Hallway
The Woodville Circle father and son renovation team was at it again! They tore down the wall that encased (like deli meat, yum) the staircase. Sorry that was an inside joke. My brother-in-law loves meat casings. Don't be jeal, he'll share. That's K. not E. just to clarify. Before it was a long narrow and dark corridor and now it's light and airy, sorta.
We tore up the carpet in the front hall only to discover this beautiful hardwood floor laying beneath. Oh, and by we I meant my husband. I'm pretty sure most of y'all knew that already. Too bad there was nothing but particle board underneath the carpet everywhere else in the house so we had to tear up this hardwood too to match the new oak flooring.

This is just a sneak peak into some of the post-renovation design for the house.

More to come!


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