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May 19, 2009

The inside (is creepy)

I know it would be way better to show you the before and after pics all neat and tidy with a big (gasp) reveal, but, unfortunately we're mostly still knee deep in the just past before and no where near after stage. Once all of our renovations are complete then I'll compile a fun before/after shot of each space to showcase all of our (okay okay mostly my husband's) talents for renovation!
Enjoy the faux finishes and lace curtains my friends...
The "Office"
This will be the space where my husband gets to enjoy some quiet man time where he can sip makers and Fiji (his man drink of choice) with a Garden and Gun magazine on his lap and stare at fishing pictures whilst daydreaming of one day shooting just the right duck to display on his built in cypress bookshelves. Every man needs a room like this. This is his. Good luck with that honey! You can keep the curtains!
The Front Hall
The Living Room
Sorry, they didn't leave the hanging macrame light fixture...
I'm not sure what's more disturbing, the heinous gas insert in the fireplace with the giant black plug in cord that reaches over the hearth to the wall or the creepy Lord of the Rings looking man on the mantle with the non-centered mirror. Let me know your pick...

The Sun room
The best I can say is that the walls inside match the walls outside. Well done!

The Dining Room
I love that there's a ceiling fan centered above where a table should be because I can think of nothing more elegant looking or practical than to turn that baby way up and be blown away while trying to eat a nice meal.

The Kitchen

I was going to do a post on how to achieve the peaches and cream faux finish wall treatment but unfortunately the 80's called and want their walls back...

Yep, still in the kitchen. I can now see why the old owner was so thin, she was entirely too distracted by crap to ever get hungry. On a positive note, isn't this a fabulous sized kitchen?
Here is the "kitchen" side of the Kitchen. You are probably too distracted by the loveliness of the country kitchen wallpaper border to notice that the knobs in the wallpaper are the very same knobs adorning the cabinets. AWESOME!!! Someone really took some time to make that happen! I can say that I honestly love the GE Profile appliances that are only a few years old. I just wish they were stainless steel instead of black. But that's the least of my worries in the room. This kitchen is less than four years old. Doesn't that make you sad? Someone picked this out recently. My mom thinks it's because the former lady of the house finally got the kitchen she spent the 80's daydreaming about. I can't begin to tell you how this looks in person. ****UPDATE**** We've removed wallpaper and primed and painted EVERYTHING in this room and it's looking quite fab if I do say so myself!


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