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May 20, 2009

Modern Coastal Chic

I thought I'd share with y'all an inspiration board that I put together for my living room.
See that fabulous Tiffany blue and white slipper chair? There are now two of those flanking the fireplace in the living room!! So excited about those. They look so great and passed the man-comfort test! I'm sure you'll notice as I post more pictures from inside our house that I have an obsession with buying things in pairs. If one is nice than two is always better! It makes such a statement when there's two of a kind. And balance. I can't stand when things aren't balanced. Kind of a problem sometimes.
I also realize that a white couch is entirely out of the question. I'm way too messy and since I don't have a live-in housekeeper yet (baby, I'd settle for a nice lady who comes once a week. Or month. Or ever. Hint Hint) I think my tan couch is a much better choice. Plus it's curved. And that is fabulous.
I think our coffee table, which was an end table in our previous house, looks pretty similar to the black table in this picture. I do already have a fuchsia orchid, but, it's faux. Thank goodness my husband and his family have green hands because I can't even turn my thumb green and we have a lot of outdoor space to care for.

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