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May 19, 2009

More pics from the Doily McDoilersons home...

The Guest Room #1
I bet you CANNOT WAIT to take a trip down to Pawleys so you can stay here!

*Don't fear...I've already primed and painted over this awesome neon peach for your sleeping enjoyment. It still needs some work (and a mattress) before it's ready for visitors!

The Guest Room #2
This room wasn't even half bad once the old owner removed everything.

Cute dormer windows with a built-in window seat. Too bad you can't see the beyond creepy built-in crib underneath the window on the right. Can't wait to have babies to place in there. Speaking of babies to put in the homemade crib from 1978...Elizabeth, when are you bringing G. down for a nap?

The (upstairs) Hall Bathroom

Unfortunately for us there was some fine print in the contract and this mirror did not convey.

But the sea foam green faux marble counter top sure did! That's right we inherited this bad boy!
My friend Jen calls this the tour bus shower. My friend Emily called is something else. You'll have to email me about that one.

The Mater Bath
Neutral tones and a nice new shower!! I don't even mind the toilet rug, maybe I'll keep that.
and this is all still part of the "before"
The Master Closet
I love that's it's a walk-in closet with lots of awesome built-ins!

I love my husband even more for letting me have this whole closet all to myself and tromping all the way to the guest room to get dressed every morning! Baby, YOU ROCK!!!!

The Upstairs Hallway
Perfect for a piece of furniture (and apparently dehydrated floral arrangements)
The Pantry
The pantry is a big walk-in closet and it's HUGE!!!

The Master Bedroom
the master bedroom is actually huge but has a lot of wasted space because of the roof line. I can't wait to get the money and the motivation to re-do this room. Right now we're trying to stay focused on the downstairs so this room will have to wait.
The (downstairs) Hall Bathroom


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