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May 25, 2009

Pretty in Pink

The downstairs bathroom is so fresh and bright and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out! I have the best husband in the world for renovating this room for me so quickly. He not only agreed to the pink walls but even painted them himself. This is our first true complete renovation in the house. Everything from the plumbing to the floors to the walls is brand new! My father-in-law installed the beadboard and my husband did everything else! I still need to add a few decorative details like hand towels and maybe a shelf or two for storage but those things will come in time.

The black and white pictures were taken by my husband this past spring in Charleston, where we met and fell in love. While I was at work, and completely unaware, he spent the day taking pictures of all the places around town that were meaningful at the beginning of our relationship. He had them framed and wrote a letter to me that corresponded with each picture and why that place was important to him. The place where we had our first date, first kiss, etc. are each represented. He gave the five letters and pictures to me the night before our wedding so we could always remember where our story began. I love that they not only look great, but, I can be reminded of our time in Charleston every day!

We still need put the face plates on the outlets and buy a new light fixture and have an electrician come install it. That's one area that we'll leave to the experts.

The paint we used throughout the house is from Sherwin Williams. Some of the color swatches we've picked up at Lowes or Home Depot because of their large selections but taken to SW to mix. Their paint seems to always be on sale for 30% off and the quality is much better than the cheaper brands. It's easier to apply and the depth of color is better. This is a must when you have a whole house to paint! Also, they'll store all of your paint colors (including the name and formula) in their computer so you can always go back and get more if you need it without keeping track of the colors yourself. For instance, if later down the road we need more of the kitchen color, we just go and tell them we need the paint color we used in the kitchen! This is really helpful when you have a whole house full of different colors and lots of chaos and renovation. Things can go missing or accidentally get thrown out.

The wainscoting and trim: Designer White in semi-gloss. The wall: Rosily (SW 6574) in eggshell.

The sink and toilet are from the Memories collection by Kohler. A bit of a splurge but totally worth it to get the tailored look we were going for!



  1. ElizabethMay 26, 2009

    Love it and can't wait to visit! Do Matthew and Rick want to redo my bathroom in exchange for a trip to the track?

  2. They would definitely do that! They can knock it out in a long weekend for sure!

  3. Wow.. your bathroom is fabulous!!!! I love it!


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