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July 6, 2009

Backyard wish #5: Decorate existing deck

Just in case you were wondering, I'm finally back to discuss some of those backyard make-over ideas I mentioned before my H. family staycation. Since we already have built-in bench seating and a large built-in table as part of our deck, it wouldn't take a lot of time or money to makeover the space. I'm just going to work with what we have and "decorate" a little.


Good bones, but needs some help, and some color!

It could stand to be a little larger too, but that can wait for later

Here are the top five things I'd like to add to this porch ASAP. No painting, staining or building required!

1. Throw pillows

These are some outdoor fabrics I found online at House of Fabric that I'd love to use to make throw pillows and seat cushions for the deck. And a tablecloth for the table. If you remember from the previous post, I'd like to stick with black and white, with pops of pink.

2. Lanterns

Image found via Pottery Barn

I would scatter tons of these Seaport Lanterns around the deck and string some from our live oak for lots of added light and ambiance. Of course, our property backs up to wetlands so it's a breeding ground for mosquitoes so we'll be sure to fill those lanterns with lots of citronella candles only!

3. Floor Heater Right about now with temperatures in the 90's and humidity close to 100% (it seems) it's hard to imagine needing something to keep you warm. But, we like to pride ourselves on year-round living here, or is that Florida?, and we need a little help during the winter months to stay a little toasty. A few of these should do the trick!

4. Urns full of plants and flowers Image via Plant Containers

Image via How Stuff Works

5. Cute beverage tub from the MacBeth CollectionI'll be sure to post AFTER pics as soon as this makeover is complete!



  1. ElizabethJuly 06, 2009

    Missing Pawleys already! Thanks to the best hostess on the Grand Strand. Graham can't stop talking about his Auntie Jules and his new pal, Fisher. Of course, he's buzzing about Anna Kate too, but I'm not ready to acknowledge that yet.

  2. Well we can't wait for his next visit! Let's start planning that...NOW!

  3. That’s one gorgeous deck you got there! Were you able to push through with your plans? I know that it’s been years since you thought of doing this, but in case you thought of redecorating again, here is my suggestion. You can add some carpets for more sitting space and some cloths hanging from the oak tree. This will give you a bohemian feel and more shade. =)

    Barrett Elmore


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