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June 27, 2009

It's a Lilly Life

I got an email from my friend Ashley the other day directing me to fine stationery's website to check out their awesome Lilly Pulitzer essentials. I lost about an hour looking online at all their cute things and can't wait to waste at least another hour scoping out their blog. I've never ordered from this company but my friend says they are fantastic. Her word on this matter is gold because she used to work at Merry Makers in Richmond so she's officially a stationery pro. I have a few things picked out!
Adoring all things Lilly is essential to living a posh life at the beach, especially in South Carolina, and I am no exception! That email (sorry it was so small-I don't know how to get pictures bigger on here without losing their clarity) got me thinking about how much fun it would be to plan a Ladies Lilly Party this summer. The guest list would be easy! We have a Pawleys Island Bunko group consisting of a fab group of posh ladies who all get together once a month for dinner, drinks, gossip, therapy, games and usually more drinks. I'm hosting in September and this would be perfect!
Must haves: cute playing cards and pink drinks

Lilly has made setting a cute table a breeze, and, because it's all paper, cleanup is even easier!

Cute cocktail napkins? Check!

Coasters so we don't ruin any awesome furniture? Check!

Flirtinis? Of course!

*Flirtini: equal parts champagne, pineapple juice and vodka
*that's how we make it down here, sorry, no exceptions!

Even the iced tea (always with lemon) gets a cute cup!
Lots of cute decorations! I just love these Lilly pompoms

Okay, these matches don't really go with the party theme, but, they're really cute and I just bought some for our house. They are really large and the match "strike" is hot pink! I love that I can refill them with smaller match books when we use all the cute ones.

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