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July 30, 2009

Brooklyn Limestone Contest!

I'm not talking about a home give-away so keep dreaming.
But, anyone who loves interior design must want a beautiful ghost chair as much as I do. Well, good news, Mrs. Limestone from Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone is hosting a fabulous give-away for a mini Lou-Lou Ghost Chair from AllModern. Just head on over here to her blog and leave her a comment for your chance to win*. The only catch is that if you actually win you have to give me the chair because I LOVE it! Just kidding, sort of.
I know this chair is wee, but, it's fantastic and one day I might even have a use for it. Until then I will place (it places, it places) it in my entry hall as a spot for my handbag. My current baby of choice! Oh, and it's FREE!
*Disclaimer-I get two chances to win just for blogging about this great contest but that doesn't mean that you get two chances just because you read about it here. Sorry. But if I win you can come over and let your kids sit in it. Or your handbag. Whichever.


  1. Hey! I just saw these in "O" magazine the other day...I thought they were pretty cool.

  2. So,I have a new project for about try and find a picture like the one I wanted in Currents for less money? I'll even try and win this chair for you!!

  3. Alright, now you have 3 entries in. I have a feeling I'm going to win that chair for you!!!

  4. Thanks Allison! I'm excited for our art project! I have two ways I think it could work.

  5. Julia, I love your photos from Fayetville! The door handle, the huge lapis planters, how about that great chair, is it lime green/grassweave back/chintz seat? And what is greater than a wine shop with shoes for sale upstairs?? Like heaven... I want to go!
    By the way gals, thing are happening with renovations at the Ryan home. Matt came by to borrow a planer from Bobby just a little while ago. Those shelves must be somewhere in the near future!!! Go Matt!! Gotta love him...

    Anyway, your blog is awesome and I have lots of fun following. God Bless your brother and his entire group!!!

    Keep the great stuff coming!!! Myra

  6. Thanks Myra!

    I have had such a busy two weeks but I PROMISE I haven't forgotten about you or your living room! I am really excited about helping you with it and will call you soon to get together.

    And thanks for letting us borrow the planer, the cabinets are going to look great when they're finished!

    Fayetteville is really cute too!

  7. Just posted a comment on "Restyled Home" that I found on a link from "La la Lovely". Got an answer to a slipcover delimma! Gave you and your blog credit for the find! Hope you get a response.



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