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July 13, 2009

RIP This Young House

As I did with LaLa Lovely a few weeks ago, I'd like to start introducing you to some of my favorite blogs and highlight what makes them posh-worthy. These are blogs with fantastic things to say or awesome pictures and ideas that are applicable to our own homes and lives. I am in no way prepared to introduce one of my all time favorites to you today. I haven't done my homework or prepared anything that does them justice. But, in light of some recent events, I decided that today they were in need of a shout out.

As many of you are already aware of, Sherry and John over at This Young House have been forced to change their blog name and URL because of a nasty little lawsuit threat brought onto them last week by a very famous trademarked home renovation squad. A certain unnamed magazine and website of a similar name thinks TYH was infringing on their name. My sister, the attorney, would probably agree with the suit because she's a very strong force when it comes to copy-write protection. But I, on the other hand, find it laughable that said similarly named company thinks anyone is confusing the two. If anything, it probably did the really young and cool blog a disservice to be so closely named after such an oldie idea. I read their blog every day and never once thought I was listening to an old man describe the plumbing or wiring in a basement remodel in New Haven. I don’t mean to say that the more established site doesn’t offer a huge amount of accurate home renovation advice, but, their target audience isn’t exactly the same. You can read the scoop yourselves here.

I think it's awesome, and self-preserving, of John and Sherry to quickly admit that they are no match against this long-standing brand and use this as an opportunity to give their blog a fresh start. Their humbleness makes me love them even more. Young House Love is the new and improved site and I urge every one of you to go take a look. They offer the most frugal and practical home design advice and we could all learn a lesson from their thriftiness. In this day, when it is no longer cool to brag about your forty-thousand dollar kitchen renovation or three-thousand dollar couch, YHL is leading the way.

I promise I will be back later to give them the introduction post they really deserve. It's the least I can do after all the hours of entertainment and inspiration they've given me.
But in the meantime, please go check them out yourselves!

Oh and they’re from Richmond. Represent!!!



  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2009

    Hi Julia, I am slowly trying to redo my living room and finding I need some of your talent! Paint/color/carpet/texture/etc. Please call me at 545-1057 (w) 344-4490 (c) when you can. I love your blog!! Myra D.

  2. Thanks Myra!

    I'd be happy to help!


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