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September 28, 2009

Art project

This is a really easy art project that you can't mess up! They are little quote blocks that can be used for all sorts of things. I bought ready made rub-off transfer quote books (a small notebook of quotes with a theme) a few years ago and never really did anything with them. I decided to quit waiting for "just the right project" and made some cute little decor with leftover wood from our trim projects. The wood comes already primed white had been cut into various sizes by my husband and his saw. You can buy an assortment of wood at Lowes and have them cut it for you or ready to go at any craft store in lots of fun shapes. All of these quotes were about love and will be perfect for Valentines Day. I'd like to go get some new quotes for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They'd be just the perfect touch to add to our Holiday Decor.As you can see, I simply lay the transfer onto the piece of wood and begin to run. You can buy a plastic tool to do this, but honestly, the popsicle stick they come with works much better. Just make sure you rub the entire transfer on really well. You can peel back the transfer paper slowly to see how it's working before you mess it up.

This one looks like I just have really fantastic handwriting. Which I do. It's amazing what a simple word can do.

Some more examples of the block all strategically placed!

You also use these as paper weights, glue them to another picture frame, glue a ribbon on the back and use them as wall art (for the big ones) or Christmas ornaments (for the small ones), or glue a magnet on the back and place on the fridge. By glue I mean hot glue gun or gorrilla glue. Which do you prefer? Has anyone else made something similar?



  1. As always...
    You inspire me! :) I love visiting your blog! Watch out Young House Love, here you come!! Keep blogging...I missed reading when you took your "break"! Our houses are decorated very similarly, and I like your ideas! Joe hates it (but I think he really loves it...hehehe...) when I visit my favorite blogs and give him a honey-do list!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you like my ideas! Let me know if y'all are ever in our area we'd love to have you over! I think this blog keeps Matthew motivated to work on his "honey-do" list too! I have a few new favorites I need to add to my side bar. Check back soon to link to them. They're really good. Much better than my blog.

    Ps-I'm glad you're still doing yours as well :)


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