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September 22, 2009

Double take

I was out on the creeks in Pawleys last week taking pictures and noticed a really pretty yellow house with a light blue ceiling. Something felt really familiar about the picture. I'll let you decide...
picture taken in Pawleys Island
picture found via House of Turquoise
Do y'all think this could be the same house? I'll have to do a little research on this one. It's a fabulous house overlooking the creeks on Pawleys Island so the potential for it to have been featured in glossy print is highly probable. I think the light fixtures look different but stylists on a photo shoot could have easily added them. Even if its not the same house, it clearly illustrates the popularity of the blue porch ceiling down here in the Lowcountry.



  1. The house on Pawleys that you photographed is "Place To Be." It's owned by a lady in the Richmond area believe it or not!

  2. No way! You know I'm from Richmond, right? That house is right by the landing where we take our little jon boat out for creek fishing!


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