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September 29, 2009


When I was home in Richmond last month I attended the Forrest Hill Farmers Market. It was awesome! It's held every Saturday morning in the summer and there are similar local markets all over town. I have so many wonderful things to share from that day and I'll break them down into smaller posts so you don't get bored. You can click on almost all of the pictures to make them larger. They are so much better bigger. I wish I could figure out how to make them larger on the blog.

I thought I'd start with the people. Most of them were musicians. Just local guys entertaining the crowds thankful for an audience and a place to play. So much talent in this community.

The music man

Hanson Brothers go Hippie

The most adorable little boy I've ever photographed (after G baby, of course). I really wish I new his name or his address, or his mom's email address so I could send her these pictures. Her son is fantastic. He was selling lemonade with his best friend right in the middle of the walkway.

This guy reminded me of John Denver or Bob Dylan. Not that I ever met them. But if I did, I'm pretty sure this is how they would sound and act. This guy jammed out.

Lost in deep thought

carrying bushels of apples to his stand. So iconic

Not people, too cute to leave off. Both these old dogs seem to have huge personalities.

Perfect summer treat!

All photos taken by Pawleys Island Posh



  1. Julia ~ your pics are beautiful! you definately have a talent there!


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