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October 11, 2009

Awesome Contest

Faucet Giveaway
Okay, I know all of y'all love freebies as much as I do. Especially when it come to pretty things for our homes. Centsational Girl is hosting a really fabulous freebie for a faucet from Price Pfister. You can choose either a kitchen or bath faucet from their offered choices. I know you can find one you like. I know I did. Same thing goes for this contest as with the last one, I must let you know that I get a second chance to win for blogging about the contest and you only get one for reading about it. I think that's fair because you, well most of you readers, will get to come over to my house and use my new kitchen faucet and we'll all be happy about that. Yes, I'm choosing a kitchen faucet since I've already bought a new one for the bathroom and I only care about my downstairs at this point.

Here's the deal, go to the CONTEST and leave a comment. You can earn extra friend points with me if you let her know that I led you there. I'm hoping to one day have enough readers to get my own sponsored contests (you know, to draw in more readers). You need to hurry because this contest ends tomorrow at 8pm (pacific time which gives us a little more time here ont the East Coast) .
Be sure to check our her whole blog while you're there. It's really cool and offers lots of good and cheap DIY projects. I think this woman loves a can of spray paint more than I do!
Here are two of the choices I'd pick.
I'd choose stainless steel either way.

Which one do you want?


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