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October 2, 2009

I Heart Lonny Magazine

***In case my link doesn't work:
Best Place to Waste an Hour Online
I am URGING you all to visit this AMAZING new online magazine. If you've been following the buzz in the blog world then you probably already know about this. For the rest of you, GO NOW! It's a gorgeous and free online gift to all of us who miss our favorite magazines like Domino, O Home, and the soon to RIP Southern Accents.
Lonny was created by Michelle Green (of the posh fabric company Rubie Green) and Patrick Cline. Michelle also has a fantastic blog on my favorites list-
The only downfall for me is that the pages are set up as a slide show using Adobe Flash and I don't know how to "lift" the images. Most of my blog idols must have better computer programs or skills than me because they've all been able to share their favorite eye candy.
Please Please Please let me know if you can help me save some of these awesome articles or pictures for later reference. I'm assuming they'll archive this but it would be nice to print out for my style binder. Yes, I have a style binder. And so should you!

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  1. ok, so am several months late in commenting on your post, but ran across it just now. have you by any chance figured out how to "lift" the images or save off lonny? i want to do this, b/c i stupidly recycled all my dominos when moving a while back (not knowing they'd shut down...ugh!) and don't want to get stuck if it happens again. would love to add images to my style file. merci!


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