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October 4, 2009

Oct. 4th is a Big Day!

My little brother turned 26 today!!!!
That's really hard to believe! I am so proud of you Jamie for all that you have accomplished in just 26 years. Jamie's in Afghanistan right now fighting for our country and sacrificing so much for all of us. I couldn't be any happier to call you my little brother and I hope that today (and every day) you feel as special and loved as you are.
Usually I would wish that you would get into something crazy, but this year I hope for an uneventful and peaceful day for you.
Maybe even a nap!

Another special Birthday today is Little Miss Cupcake.
She turned two today and shares a really special Birthday!
Happy 2nd Birthday Anna Kate!

Anna Kate L. on her actual birth day!


Sacrament of Baptism

This is also a special day because my nephew Graham was baptized (phew, no more worries about him floating around in limbo) in Louisville today! I am so sad that I couldn't be there to celebrate with our family. We can do an reenactment and I'll splash some water on your face when you come back to Pawleys sweet baby G!

An old friend also baptized her daughter today (you may remember Charlotte Allen B. from an earlier post) in Richmond at Sacred Heart Cathedral where I got married.
Her mom, Carolyn, aka Chi-Chi, hand made a Christening gown from her wedding dress.
How sentimental and beautiful.

I can't wait to see pics of from both of these babies who were baptized in Christ's love today!

God bless you both!!!
Richard Graham S.
son of Elizabeth and Edmund S.
Charlotte Allen B.
daughter Ashley and Dan. B.

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