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October 6, 2009

Palmer Weiss

Palmer Weiss is an impressive force in modern interior design. Those of us who've had the opportunity to live in Charleston will recognize the feminine, colorful and fresh coastal influence that dear city has had on Ms. Weiss. She was raised in Charleston but now lives in San Francisco with her husband and children. She continues to create playful and livable designs that anyone would be thrilled to call theirs.

These rooms make you happy!

I adore the unexpected pops of pumpkin orange mixed with the more

traditional blue and brown

Well we all know why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set up! And if you've been to my house you clearly know why! I, too, have set up a little sitting area in my kitchen and featured pink and green furniture as well!

I love the matching green lamps and matching parsons tables used as a coffee table.

There is nothing cozier than a little chair and ottoman tucked into a corner in your bedroom.

I love the vibrant, yet peaceful, colors she choose. And the contrasting trim detailing in both pictures is incredible.

The little boys room and beyond precious. Seriously.

My friend Jen and I are obsessed with Chinese garden stools tucked under a buffet table.
Loves it!

I am definitely tucking this little idea into my style file. It's a fun and cheap idea to transform your tired old furniture with a non-permanent change. Any second hand console table can be quickly disguised with theses beautiful tailored skirts.

The first picture demonstrates actual tailored detail while the second simply alludes to it with the grosgrain ribbon trim work.

The second option could be a really great new-sew idea for those of you who lack sewing skills or don't want to fork over a lot of money to a seamstress. You could glue the ribbon straight onto the fabric or even use fabric paint and draw on the design.

I'd like to have two or three of these table dressings that would coordinate with the seasons or my holiday decor. If you had one made for a holiday party (any holiday) you could present drinks on top and hide all the unwanted trash or unopened bottles underneath.

It would also give you the opportunity for more permanent storage underneath. I absolutely hate open storage. It looks really cluttered unless used in very small doses. The last thing I want to see when I walk in my house is a basket full of crap that needs to be put away. I have an actual mudroom off our back door but it's not much good because we don't use that entrance. I'm big into coming into a house through it's front door. Call me crazy. It's okay, I'm pretty sure my in-laws already did. In the summer, you could hide all of your beach bags and towels and muddy winter or rain boots (more like flip flops for us in SC) underneath during the fall and winter.

I wonder what Nit would charge to whip up a few of these?

The same principal applies to the dressing table in your bedroom. Think of how many design and style glossies you could hide under there! I know I have about 50!


*All photos were found on the Palmer Weiss website

Just beautiful!


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  1. OH MY I WANT THAT ZEBRA RUG!!! I've been looking for a year now for the perfect one!!!!


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