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October 20, 2009

Such a tease

Graham's First Birthday

The incredibly talented Josh Perkins of Redtree Photography in Louisville Kentucky came out to document my nephew Graham's First Birthday Party! He has an artistic and photojournalist style that I adore and he posted a little teaser this morning here that has truly left us begging for more. I will happily post the link the second the full set of the pictures from Graham's big day. I can't wait to post pictures of the Dino-Sauer-us Party pics for you as well.
Josh has been photographing my sweet Baby Graham every few months since he was a newborn and truly captures our dear little boy's personality and smile so well. When you couple a talented photographer with the world's cutest baby you're bound to have successful shots!

Go check out his website and blog for more fun photos. I wonder if Josh wants to take a vacation to Pawleys Island next summer so he can capture baby G at the beach and perhaps give us Pawley's people a chance to hire him for our own family shots.
Hint Hint
*Seriously, if anyone might be interested in that, it's not a bad idea. If we can get him booked solid for a week here he might be willing to take a working vacation. I mean, who doesn't love a beach trip? Seriously!


  1. I will ask him! If you offered playdates for his 2 very cute kids, maybe he'd agree. Will send you the link to the other pictures as soon as they're posted. One correction -- Josh took pictures on Graham's actual birthday. I'll have to send you my pictures from the Dino-Sauer-us Party!

  2. correction made! I definitly want pics from the party too!


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