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May 25, 2009

Living Room-Option 1

One of our best friend's just bought a house down the street. In it's former life, his house was a beach house on Pawleys Island, but has since been moved inland to enjoy a new life with our friend. The house came furnished but left something to our imaginations. It has good bones and oozes with the kind of charm that only and old and much loved beach house can. Unfortunately this furnished "as is" house was a little too kitchsy and stodgy for our friend and for me. This is where I stepped in and begged him to let me help in his redesign. My charge: nothing. My only rule: he can disregard any and every thing that I say about his house and do what he wants. No exceptions! This rule is very important when you appoint yourself the interior designer of your friend's house before they actually ask you to be! Below is an inspiration board for his new living room. Once again, my coastal chic design can be seen, only this time reincarnated in a more masculine formI like the idea of using a sectional to maximize seating in a small space. He loves to surf so I think vintage black and white surfing pictures would look really good on the walls. You may notice that all of the furniture has exposed legs, this is to trick the eye into thinking the space is larger because it's not broken up by heavy furniture and you can constantly follow the floor. The floors are a light colored wood and the walls are buttery yellow. He'd like to work around those two colors.

After showing him the inspiration board, we made a few changes. He'd like to use the color red more and has picked the Seabury sectional (pictured below) from Pottery Barn in suede instead of the Crate & Barrel option above. The lines are really similar and this one has a very versatile appeal. This way he can take it with him to his next house if he ever moves. Hopefully that will not be any time soon unless it's even closer to us!

Image found via Pottery Barn

I'd like to put another inspiration board together now that we've discussed a little more about what he likes and wants in the room! Stay tuned....


Pretty in Pink

The downstairs bathroom is so fresh and bright and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out! I have the best husband in the world for renovating this room for me so quickly. He not only agreed to the pink walls but even painted them himself. This is our first true complete renovation in the house. Everything from the plumbing to the floors to the walls is brand new! My father-in-law installed the beadboard and my husband did everything else! I still need to add a few decorative details like hand towels and maybe a shelf or two for storage but those things will come in time.

The black and white pictures were taken by my husband this past spring in Charleston, where we met and fell in love. While I was at work, and completely unaware, he spent the day taking pictures of all the places around town that were meaningful at the beginning of our relationship. He had them framed and wrote a letter to me that corresponded with each picture and why that place was important to him. The place where we had our first date, first kiss, etc. are each represented. He gave the five letters and pictures to me the night before our wedding so we could always remember where our story began. I love that they not only look great, but, I can be reminded of our time in Charleston every day!

We still need put the face plates on the outlets and buy a new light fixture and have an electrician come install it. That's one area that we'll leave to the experts.

The paint we used throughout the house is from Sherwin Williams. Some of the color swatches we've picked up at Lowes or Home Depot because of their large selections but taken to SW to mix. Their paint seems to always be on sale for 30% off and the quality is much better than the cheaper brands. It's easier to apply and the depth of color is better. This is a must when you have a whole house to paint! Also, they'll store all of your paint colors (including the name and formula) in their computer so you can always go back and get more if you need it without keeping track of the colors yourself. For instance, if later down the road we need more of the kitchen color, we just go and tell them we need the paint color we used in the kitchen! This is really helpful when you have a whole house full of different colors and lots of chaos and renovation. Things can go missing or accidentally get thrown out.

The wainscoting and trim: Designer White in semi-gloss. The wall: Rosily (SW 6574) in eggshell.

The sink and toilet are from the Memories collection by Kohler. A bit of a splurge but totally worth it to get the tailored look we were going for!


May 21, 2009

The backyard

I know most of y'all think that life at the beach is gorgeous and sunny every day. Well, somebody should give the weather this week that memo. It's been cool and rainy for days and days. This doesn't make for very pretty outdoor pictures, but, it's helping our little lawn grow.
We've already managed to do some landscaping despite our huge workload inside the house. There aren't any real before pictures so these will have to do. Basically, it was just a big expanse of grass and dirt. So far, the beds have been edged and pine straw laid on top. The tress are lovely, but, make it really hard to grow grass or flowers. We've got a few flowers blooming and I can't wait until our trees and bushes grow up and create even more privacy.

the manicured portion of the back yard

the "natural" half of the back yard

Hey Heather, doesn't this lawn look just perfect for a game of croquet? I think Mint Juleps and lawn games are in our future. Just don't call red. Heather is ALWAYS red.

May 20, 2009

Modern Coastal Chic

I thought I'd share with y'all an inspiration board that I put together for my living room.
See that fabulous Tiffany blue and white slipper chair? There are now two of those flanking the fireplace in the living room!! So excited about those. They look so great and passed the man-comfort test! I'm sure you'll notice as I post more pictures from inside our house that I have an obsession with buying things in pairs. If one is nice than two is always better! It makes such a statement when there's two of a kind. And balance. I can't stand when things aren't balanced. Kind of a problem sometimes.
I also realize that a white couch is entirely out of the question. I'm way too messy and since I don't have a live-in housekeeper yet (baby, I'd settle for a nice lady who comes once a week. Or month. Or ever. Hint Hint) I think my tan couch is a much better choice. Plus it's curved. And that is fabulous.
I think our coffee table, which was an end table in our previous house, looks pretty similar to the black table in this picture. I do already have a fuchsia orchid, but, it's faux. Thank goodness my husband and his family have green hands because I can't even turn my thumb green and we have a lot of outdoor space to care for.

May 19, 2009

A little bit updated

The deck
the built-in deck has a gorgeous live oak coming through the center! I can't wait for summer and some cash so I can decorate this washed out baby and grill out! This porch is just aching for some throw pillows and lanterns
The Sun room
Sure it's not much, but all I have in the budget for this room is NOTHING. That's right, everything in here has to be comprised of hand me downs from other rooms in the house. I have to say this room is starting to take shape and beginning to get a good feel to it. We painted it the same pale green as the kitchen. That ottoman is actually my husband's old coffee table that we started refurbishing with some foam, batting and fabric. Like everything else around here, it's still a work in progress!

It's amazing what a little paint can do for a room. The wood floors need to be stained now that the heinous carpet is gone.

The Kitchen
Major difference, right? In case you haven't met my couch, her name is Isabella and I'm so glad she found a home in our kitchen. It's the perfect spot to curl up with glass of wine and an InStyle magazine after work. And it gives me an excellent view of my personal chef while he's whipping up some dinner. Did I mention my husband is amazing at cooking too? Renovation and cooking. Add those to the list. I totally married him for his skills!
And now for the kitchen side of the kitchen.....

Can you believe this is the same kitchen? I can't wait to take some pictures with better lighting so y'all can really see how fantastic this kitchen looks. I'm nervous the previous owner is going to see this and want to renegotiate our sales price for a lot more moolah.

Or, better yet, you can come by in person. If you're smart you'll come at meal time so you can taste first hand just how amazing we eat around here thanks to my husband. Or if you're really smart you'll come just after supper so you can help me do the dishes. This earns me brownie points since usually my task before dinner is to sit around and look pretty. I appointed myself to this job after I was put on probation for an incident with a Wusthoff knife. My lack of cooking skills and indifference to cleaning up is also why we don't eat dessert. It's hard to stay thin when you're favorite past time is sitting around!

The Dining Room
Yay! We have a table and chairs! I'm still looking for fabric to recover the chairs, but, I'm fairly happy with their current condition...for now.

The (downstairs) Hall Bathroom
Remember when I closed the door to this room? Tightly. Well, I opened it just long enough to let my father-in-law in to do some bead board work. It already looks so fresh and so clean clean! I can't wait to get this room painted and all the plumbing installed so we can have at least one brand new room in the house. We couldn't have picked a better one to start from scratch with. Hopefully this will be finished soon. HINT HINT

*You might also notice the GORGEOUS new oak hardwood floors but you'll have to wait until later to hear all about that project.
The Entrance Hall
those floors are looking so pretty as you step into our home and veer down the hallway into the sitting room part of the kitchen

The Living Room
I've finally started to add some furniture and the rug. This is the fun part! I just got two new slipper chairs that sit snugly on either side of the fireplace. This will definitely be a work in progress for a while now since we officially didn't win the lottery last Saturday. Thankfully, no one else did either, so really we just made money this week if we win this weekend! Come on baby, big money!

I am sooooooo in love with my new couch from Currents. If you haven't been to this home decor eye candy store in Pawleys Island you need to go right away. Seriously, it's amazing and I want everything in it. I am two steps closer to transforming my home with the couch and those black and white graphic pillows from that store.

Can you see that everything is sort of shoved to the middle of the room? This is because the walls still need to be dapped and painted. And apparently there are nails to set. I guess when you nail gunned them in with an air compressor they didn't set themselves. Who'd a thought?
in progress

The Office
all cleaned up and new drywall

the carpets are all torn out

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