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June 27, 2009

Welcome to Pawleys Baby Graham

My dad's family has been coming to Pawleys Island since the 1920's and I'm so thrilled that the next generation is making a splash down here all this week! Baby Graham isn't even a year old and he's taking his first vacation to Pawleys. I am so excited for a week off from work and to take a vacation in my own town!

Graham hasn't seen his Auntie Jules since the wedding and he's sooooo excited for his visit!

Dear Graham,
I'm not sure if you're Mommie prepared you, but, our side of the family tends to plan three weeks worth of activities and sightseeing into a one week trip. Since this if your first official H. family vacation I thought I'd give you a heads up. That, and giving you candy for breakfast, are what Aunties are for! Okay, so here's what we have planned for you in the next five days: reading stories, taking walks and playing on the beach with Mimi & Grey, lunching and shopping with Mommie and Auntie Jules, taking the boat out and shelling shrimp with Uncle Matthew, running several miles on the beach every morning with Uncle Jamie, play dates with Fisher and Anna Kate, trip to Charleston to meet baby Shepard, photo shoot on the beach, looking at photos of your Daddy every morning since he has to work and can't play with us in Pawleys (we'll miss you Edmund) and, of course, lots and lots and lots of eating!

Love, Auntie Jules

P.S. Don't forget to pack your swimsuit G-baby!


It's a Lilly Life

I got an email from my friend Ashley the other day directing me to fine stationery's website to check out their awesome Lilly Pulitzer essentials. I lost about an hour looking online at all their cute things and can't wait to waste at least another hour scoping out their blog. I've never ordered from this company but my friend says they are fantastic. Her word on this matter is gold because she used to work at Merry Makers in Richmond so she's officially a stationery pro. I have a few things picked out!
Adoring all things Lilly is essential to living a posh life at the beach, especially in South Carolina, and I am no exception! That email (sorry it was so small-I don't know how to get pictures bigger on here without losing their clarity) got me thinking about how much fun it would be to plan a Ladies Lilly Party this summer. The guest list would be easy! We have a Pawleys Island Bunko group consisting of a fab group of posh ladies who all get together once a month for dinner, drinks, gossip, therapy, games and usually more drinks. I'm hosting in September and this would be perfect!
Must haves: cute playing cards and pink drinks

Lilly has made setting a cute table a breeze, and, because it's all paper, cleanup is even easier!

Cute cocktail napkins? Check!

Coasters so we don't ruin any awesome furniture? Check!

Flirtinis? Of course!

*Flirtini: equal parts champagne, pineapple juice and vodka
*that's how we make it down here, sorry, no exceptions!

Even the iced tea (always with lemon) gets a cute cup!
Lots of cute decorations! I just love these Lilly pompoms

Okay, these matches don't really go with the party theme, but, they're really cute and I just bought some for our house. They are really large and the match "strike" is hot pink! I love that I can refill them with smaller match books when we use all the cute ones.

June 23, 2009

Outdoor Living

I decided that since I have to spend this gorgeous week inside at the office, located just a quick mile from the beach, I would daydream about life outside from behind my desk. So, all this week I will be posting about outdoor living. Today I'll start with space planning in our own newly acquired yard. Our lot is almost two acres, and, while that may seem large to some, that also includes where the house is and the wetlands that are not usable for anything but a nice neighbor buffer. We are, however, still left with lots of potential space to do all kinds of cool things to make our outdoor space more fabulous. Of course convincing my husband to implement everything on this list benefits y'all too, seeing as how we love to entertain! Let's hope the economy picks up fast so I can at least tackle one of these!

Five things I would like to do with our yard:

  1. Build a fire pit
  2. Add an area for lawn games
  3. Make the garage look less like a garage
  4. Build a pool and cabana
  5. Decorate our existing porch

1. Build a fire pitI can't remember where I found this picture

A fire pit would be the perfect place to hang out in the yard all fall and winter with all of our friends. This would be a great place for an oyster table as well. Or for wrapping up in a blanket and eating frogmore stew.

2. Lawn Games Zone
I can't remember where I found this picture
A bocce ball court or horseshoe area would be perfect on the left side of our back yard. That part of the yard doesn't get any sunlight so we really can't get grass to grow anyway. I love the idea of a big piece of slate used as a chalkboard to keep score. Y'all know how I get competitive with games! I think I should get that husband of mine to make us some personalized boxes for cornhole too. For those of you who don't know what cornhole is, you have to come down south to find out.
Update: Apparently cornhole was started in the Midwest, more specifically in Kentucky, and not down south. My sister now lives in Kentucky and thought we should send credit where it's due. I'm cool with that. However, you're still welcome to either visit her in KY or me in SC to play. To learn more please visit the official site of the American Cornhole Association.

3. Update the facade of the garage
I can't remember where I found this picture
We have a detached garage and I would love to make a few changes to that it looked more like a guest cottage/carriage house from the front. I would add faux carriage doors and a pitched roof with columns. I would probably also put some gas lanterns on the sides instead of the one hanging in the middle since we have two separate doors. This would be a nod to all those fabulous carriage houses floating around Charleston, the other love of my life.

4. Build a pool and cabana
This picture found via Just Beachy
I'm picturing this whole pool and cabana set-up at the very back of our yard. This specific picture is a little rustic and more mountain house appropriate than I'd have down here at the beach, but, I think the layout is ideal.
Image found via House of Turquoise
This porch is much more in keeping with the style of architecture and color scheme that would be used for our cabana. I especially love the blue ceiling and plan to paint our front porch ceiling blue as well. In South Carolina, painting your porch ceiling blue isn't just about looking pretty. It's a long time tradition that was formed by the Gullah people in the low country and is typically called haint blue. The Gullah culture is highly intertwined and weaved with African, Caribbean, creole and local culture and many practiced voodoo. It is commonly believed that the people painted their porches blue to ward off the evil spirits from entering the home.

Image by designer Moises Esquinazi found via House of Turquoise

Image found via West Elm

I'm not a fan of the red and orange in the first picture, but these last two will do. I'd like some singles and maybe a double lounger or two by the pool!

5. Decorate our existing porch Image via House Beautiful
I love the white with pops of pink. This would be the color scheme and furniture we'd use on the deck off our sun room to create an outdoor living room. It would be perfect spot for my favorite ladies to come over and drink cold coronas.


June 21, 2009


June 21st
My husband hates to celebrate his birthday. I think it's weird but I try to accept that he's just not that into it. So I celebrate Matt Day instead. Rather than focusing on being another year older I celebrate how happy I am that he was born at all. Well I couldn't let this one go completely unacknowledged because it's his last twenty something birthday. Baby, I know you're freaking out about it being the end of your twenties, but, I think you should focus on all that you've accomplished so far in life. And all before the age of thirty. I mean you have a super hot wife and own a gorgeous house. What more do you need? And clearly both me and the house will continue to look better with time so you have nothing to fear!

So in honor of your special day I thought I'd post some pics (that I already had on my computer) of you doing what you love to do. If I could figure out how to get my scanner to send things to my computer in another format besides pdf then I could post some better hunting and fishing pics. Anyone know how to fix this?

Happy MattDay Baby!
Hanging out with me
Going to the beach

Drinking bourbon and waters (especially at the Jeff-ah-son)

fishing in the creeks

Duck hunting*
*Matthew and Kevin are both located in this picture. You may have trouble finding them because they're hiding in $400.00 worth of camo.

more fishing in the creekshanging out with your friends

Spending time with your adorable family
Being REALLY REALLY REALLY into Eagles. And all other Native American imagery and art like dream catchers and wolves and the Rockies and such.

Off shore fishing, duck hunting and hanging out down in Venice

Hanging out with me some more while we work

I'm so happy to be celebrating your first birthday as your wife!


Happy Father's Day


This is one of my favorite pictures. My husband shaking my dad's hand in a promise to love me and take care of me forever the way my dad always has. There is something really romantic and old fashioned about that. The picture reminds me of the line from one of my favorite songs by Ty Herndon. "There's a daddy walking his daughter down the aisle. Fighting back tears and forcing a smile. Oh, For 22 (27-yikes!) years he's watched her grow. A man holding on to a woman letting go."

We're practicing for the big day!

I'm sorry that I won't be with my dad in Richmond to celebrate with him on father's day. I'll be in Virginia, but the opposite side of the state. He is one of the most incredible men I have ever met. He is so smart and strong yet thoughtful and compassionate. He is dedicated and passionate about many things and has won numerous awards for his career achievements. But no matter how many commitments or obligations he had he never missed a swim meet or school play. He is truly amazing at many things but especially at being a dad.



June 19, 2009


Well, I'm off to Meadows of Dan for the weekend. Although, it's going to be hard to leave the beach today when the weather has finally turned nice for the first time in weeks. My in-laws have a house in the mountains of Virginia off the Blue Ridge Parkway and it's the best place to relax and get away from the humidity down at the beach. My husband's grandparents have a house down the road from his parents house so between the two cabins it's the perfect spot for lots of family to get together and hang out. This weekend there will be lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents joining us shooting skeet and pond fishing.

I hope the rest of y'all have a fantabulous weekend too!


The AUNTourage gains one more

Welcome to the World Baby Boy!!!
No, this is not a preggars announcement. Seriously. But,the AUNTourage would like to proudly announce our newest baby!

Shepard Banks R.
June 17, 2009

Congratulations to one of my best friends who became a first time mommy this week!
I drove down to Charleston to meet this little man yesterday and I have to report that he is gorgeous and absolutely snugly! Ryan and Amanda R. are already awesome at being parents! Here's a precious quote from the new mommy:

"Shepard Banks R. 8lbs 7 oz 21 inches! We are in love!"

We love you too and couldn't be happier for you and your new family!!!


June 17, 2009

Living Room Update

Some of my friends have been begging me to recreate the lovely window treatments in the living room for their own posh homes and since they didn't convey with the house I thought I'd post another picture for inspiration. And if that's not inspiration enough I'm sure the mantle gnome can whip up something pretty with his magic. Because we all know I'm into magic. Riiiiiight! What I am doing is re-posting the before pics from our heinous inherited living room so you can all be impressed with the after shots. And yes, there is finally an after. I've spent the last week or so sitting in our living room just looking around in amazement at the transformation. Also, we have no window treatments of any kind so if you drive by my house you can actually see me sitting on the couch looking around in awe. It's awesome, I know the neighbors sure think so. On that note, I bought a new robe from Victoria's Secret. It's really comfy and it was cheaper than new window treatments. Okay, here we go.
There really are no words. It's just so "taste specific".

Since my husband requested that I practice learning patience daily, I thought you'd all like to take a lesson with me this morning. So, you'll have to scroll through some DURING pics before you can feast your eyes on the juicy AFTER pictures. Believe me, they're worth it!


Might I mention again that my insanely talented husband built this mantle and did all of the trim work and paneling around the room himself. Impressed? I know I sure am. I have my eyes on some new furniture for the den/office so if you'd like me to schedule him to do some trim work in your house I'd be happy to negotiate. But remember, expensive furniture, err I mean custom work, doesn't come cheap so you'll have to pay up!

Also, you may have noticed that we not only built up the existing mantle, but, we removed the gas insert to the fireplace to return it to wood burning. We posted it on craigslist but had no takers. It's fairly new and in really good condition. Let me know if anyone wants it. And if you're willing to remove it from my porch you can probably have it for free. Also, by hiding some of the dated brick with trim and building up the mantle we were able to make the whole thing look much more in proportion to the room without having to start from scratch. I think that's called salvage. It's where you work with what you have and don't get to just start from scratch. I'm learning about that too.

Also, Mom-these are the fabulous chairs I told you about! As for the rest of you-they were a smart online find and since I don't give away all my secrets you'll have to email me if you want details!
Well now, that seems like enough of a lesson with the patience for one day...


In case anyone is wondering, the trim color is Designer White and it came from Sherwin Williams. We used a semi-gloss. My mother in law advised us that this is the best white for trim work because it's a really clean, but soft, white. Anyone who's tried to pick out white paint on their own knows that there are about a thousand different whites and it's really hard to know which one will work best. We wanted something crisp and fresh, but, not sterile or builder white. I think we achieved that look.

And now, here's a quick recap for those of you with ADD or for you lovelies who actually read my entire post and therefore have already forgotten what the before looked like. Or for the lazy. You know who you are.


AFTERI am truly amazed!
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