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January 29, 2010

Swoon worthy Bedroom

Elizabeth Dinkel via House of Turquoise
I am seriously swooning over this perfect bedroom!


  1. Love it!!! Especially the wallpaper -- I want to do something like that in my entry hall, but in a butter yellow.

  2. oooh, that would look so good! Did you ever have your hall painted in stripes? I'm sure you're painter could do the same effect as the wallpaper with paint if you can't find the wallaper you want. Or you could use grasscloth and paint it whatever color you want.

  3. My paint and wallpaper store has the wallpaper I want, but we're holding out until we decide whether we're adding on or not. I need to show you the two new chairs I found to flank the Chagall in the living room. Great HG find.


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