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February 2, 2010

Dirty Laundry

How do you hide your dirty laundry?

I currently use wicker hampers, like this one here to hide and contain my dirty clothes until I'm ready to wash them. I'm ready for an upgrade but I'm really not interested in the utilitarian look of these here pictured below. I have no problem with these in a laundry room, but typically, once I make it to the laundry room I've already sorted and am ready to wash.
I need something that can go upstairs to discreetly corral our dirty things until laundry day. I've never been a big fan of laundry baskets/hampers in the closets and our bathrooms are just too small so this needs to be a seen but not heard type of solution.
This pretty laundry hamper found here is FANTASTIC! I love hidden storage!!! This would look really great in your bedroom, bathroom, closet or hallway (which is where most of our dirty clothes end up on laundry day anyway). I love that you could set some pretty baskets on top to add even more laundry sorting capabilities.

It's not exactly the cheapest option either. I wonder if my fantastic husband is looking for a good project to occupy his time.

These laundry totes from Dransfield & Ross at Neiman Marcus are my favorite! They are so adorable. They're a laundry hamper and basket all in one, bu at $98.00 a pop I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing these in my house any time soon. For $500.00 I'd expect someone to come actually wash the clothes as well. It would be so easy to stamp those useful sorting words onto a burlap tote for all the effect at a fraction of the cost.

Let me know if you've found any clever solutions to your laundry problems!

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