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February 15, 2010

Nursery Idea 1

Neutral Nursery
So as I mentioned on Friday, I have baby nurseries on the brain. Long before I knew I was housing a baby girl, I was scouring for pictures to help inspire the perfect space for my child. Okay, truth be told, I as looking at these rooms long before I was housing anything more permanent than my lunch.
But, I figured that if I eventually wanted the perfect space then I would have to start early.
It's such a big decision!
She's going to be born with her own personality full of likes and dislikes and I am in charge of providing her first taste of personal style in the space. And I really want it to reflect her and not just my dream for who she is going to be. I know, I know, it's just a room and I'm reading way too much into it. She has plenty of years to cover my design choice with lime green paint and posters and collages of her friends. Image via Apartment Therapy Image via Things that Inspire

Image via Atlanta Homes Magazine

Source unknown
As I also mentioned on Friday, my first thought was to go with something pale and soothing. Lots of white and cream with lots of softness and not too much fuss. I think these pictures demonstrate that style well. They're all fairly gender neutral and work especially well for those of you who wait for B-day for the big reveal. Which I find insanely hard seeing as I could only wait 15 weeks. You can always go and add some soft blue or pink touches to make it more specific after the baby is born.
Have any of y'all done a neutral or all-white nursery? Or maybe traditional pink or blue was your thing? Let me know what you chose or even send pictures that we can share here for others to gain inspiration. Seriously, email your nursery pictures or send links to your blogs! Do you like themes? Certain color combos? For those of y'all who are currently preggars and trying to decide on your nursery, what are your thoughts?



  1. Evie was born into a pink and green preppy nursery with seersucker fabric. Her walls were green - in fact - we had them repainted because the first color was too bright! We moved into a new house when she was 9 months old and it is not nearly as cute since I have a whole house to worry about this time. I plan to repaint her room a neutral color this summer or fall - it goes with everything and who does not like neutral. You are right - you could always add more pink or green to it. I am so excited for you. Little girls are so wonderful - Evie was using the straightening iron this morning just like Mommy. How cute is that! Don't worry it was unplugged. Have fun dreaming about this. I wish that I had just bought a dresser verus a changing table - the baskets are hard to keep neat now that she is into everything. We did order her a dresser now that she has a bigger room. Hingdsight is always 20/20!

  2. Aww, I've already thought about where to buy a child's pretend straigtening iron, surely someone makes one! I've heard from some others that a dresser is the way to go. I was thinking about using a desk too. I love the neutral but when I'm out shopping I'm always so drawn to the preppy pink and green. Maybe I can find a way to do a mix of both!


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