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February 18, 2010

Nursery Mood Board 2

Colorful Nursery
All items and images found via polyvore

IKEA Belysning Taklampor KNAPPA Taklampa $30 -, Little Bedding by NoJo - Huntington 4-Piece Crib Bedding Set:...$55 -, LuLu Rug, 8x10', Pool $500 -, Stray Dog - Artichoke Lamp $625 -, Dorel Fine Furnishings and babyGap home Signature Dresser, Baby Toys, Building Blocks, Play Vehicles, Musical Toys, Rocking Toys, My Mind's Eye 29th Street Market Fancy Baby-stroller die cut: Scrapbooking...
$0.41 -, Nottingham Floral Rug, 3X5, Ivory $130 $99 -, Canvas Roman Shade, 26x63, Navy $70 -, Fuchsia Pink Rice Paper Wave Print Votive Holder(Only $3.00 each for 24+) -... $3.50 -, Green Depot Sleigh Crib at Green Depot: Green Building Supplies
Keep in mind, these are really mood boards that help a create a vibe for the room and not a specific list of items I'd purchase. For instance, I'm not planning on buying a changing table. I've heard from countless moms that a dresser top works just as well in the beginning and is easier to keep neat after the babies are crawling and getting into things. Also, I don't remotely look at prices or think of my budget when I'm putting these together. Although, if anyone wants to gift me that PB Teen rug or the artichoke lamp I'd be more than happy to accept!
The colorful rooms are a pretty big change from the previous nursery ideas I posted about right? Did anyone else feel totally schizo when it came to decorating a room in their house, nursery or other?


  1. I'm not sure if you have gone to this website or not, but I saw taht you are gathering ideas for your new baby's nursery... check out this blog... it has given me so many ideas for my girls' rooms... I think you might like it ;) good luck and happy designing.. It is so much fun, but there are so many choices.

  2. Ohhhh that is so beautiful. Your making me want another baby here! {haha} Love it! xoxo

  3. I love, love, love this design board. Much more of what I would expect for Baby Girl.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    Theescape-I can't wait to go check out that website, how fun!

    SSM-I'm pretty sure I'll have to reassure a few people that I didn't want a baby simply so I could design another room :)

    E-Baby Girl is pretty happy her Auntie is going to help me pick out some fabrics in Louisville next month!

  5. Hi-

    I love this latest design board, too. You're girly, you know you're having a girl, and this fun, feminine room will last well beyond those first few months when you want a calming, soothing environment to get that baby to sleep :)

    We waited until Lexi was born to find out her gender, so I went with tan/beige/white/chocolate brown and then brought in pops of pink once she arrived. I love that the room can take on a whole new tone with accent pieces, new bedding, etc. down the road for either her "big girl room" or baby number 2!

    Anyway, this is fun to follow and gets me thinking of what I want to do the next time around. Oh, and I've always loved the idea of a smallish, pretty chandelier for a little girl's room like you posted in a previous entry.

    Finally, we got her a great dresser that had an attachable changing table topper. Once she got too squirmy to stay up there, we removed it and now it's a regular dresser - stylish and functional.

    -Erin Hamilton (Elizabeth's friend)

  6. By the way, I follow the blog of an interior designer who is a friend of a friend. She designed an adorable crib set for her little girl and also shows tons of kids' rooms on her blog. Here is the link to some of her finds:

    There is also a tab on the left side of her blog to her daughter's nursery. Some cute art, throw pillows, crib bedding and paper doll plates :)


  7. Erin-
    Of course I know who you are! And I am sooo completly in AWE that you know a friend of Erika at Urban Grace. I love her blog! I totally (almost) put Sloane on our names list after I saw her little girl on her blog. I follow her twin sister's blog, Fly through our window, as well. Her kids are too too cute!

    I'm definitly intrigued by the changing table topper on the dresser idea as well. I've seen some at PB kids that I like. I can't wait to see how y'all transform Lexi's room as she gets older! I'm sure your decor and party ideas will have lots of good inspiration for us!


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