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May 4, 2010

Nursing chair

All four chair options found here at Pottery Barn Kids.
What kind of nursing chair did you use? Stationary, glider or rocker? Wooden or upholstered?
I went with an upholstered glider. And I'd really like it to be in my house already.
So y'all may remember my little shopping trip to Richmond back in February where I picked out all my fabrics for the nursery. Well I also happened to order my nursing chair then too. It's a glider and apparently its being made by hand because it's still not ready. I realize they said 8-12 weeks and we're still in that time line. I'm going back to Richmond this weekend for my Dad's big 60th Birthday Celebration and Mother's Day and I was hoping to bring it back. Usually my trips to Richmond involve just me and my little sedan but this time I'm going to have my husband and our YukonXL with me and it would be really fantastic if that chair could be ready while I have help to load it and a car big enough to tote it.
We will however, be bringing my old dresser back with us either way. I'll be sure to post pics of that when we transform it from dark stained wood to white.


  1. I went with a white Jenny Lind rocker for my first son and I love it! The upholstered rockers are so nice! I found I spent more time nursing in our bed than in his room. I would love one for baby #2 but I will probably keep the Jenny Lind.

  2. I've got the glider in #2 in both of my daughter's rooms. Love them! I really liked the upholstered rocker, and it was the most comfortable, but it was just the hardest to get out of us because it's a bit lower to the ground, and trying to hold a baby while getting up proved to be a difficult task. Hope this helps!

  3. I have #2 but wanted #3 or #4. My SIL gave me her PB chair so I had it recovered. Could not turn down a free chair. Yes, it can be harder to get out of #3 or #4 but they serve more of a purpose for longer. You can keep that in your sweet girls room for a lot longer since it's a real piece of furniture. Hope it gets finished in time for you to lug it back to PI with the help of your hubby.

  4. Haha, no, actually the bedspread is from IKEA. Since our bedroom decor is so neutral, I like to change it up by changing our duvet cover often. So I guess the one from last week was the one I purchased from IKEA. My mother-in-law hates that I do this because she hired an interior decorator to decorate our place after we got married, and when I change anything, she doesn't think it looks as good. I can understand that, but after six years, it's time for a change every so often. And no doubt she's going to love it when I paint our bedroom walls a cool blue color. Haha. Gotta love mother-in-laws. :)

  5. Love the glider from PBK. I used it for both of my kids and passed it down to my cousins and now my SIL. Do you have a designer you're using in Richmond? LOVE Williams & Sherill for fabric!

  6. I think all the fabric in my house and my mom's is from W&S. I'm not working with an official designer, luckily my mom and I have a pretty good eye! We did have fun with Claire at W&S picking out fabrics, she's great!


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