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February 19, 2010

Sow your seeds

photo by via Kind over matter
GREAT thing to think about as we kick off the weekend!
I have been completely obsessed with baby decor of late and this is a good reminder that looking good, you or your house, isn't everything. There are much more important places I can place my energy. Not all of it of course, no one said you can't look good being a Christian.
Ashley and Mary-Catherine, if you're reading this, can you help but think of a certain"sowing oats" speech from high school/first semester of college? Please tell me you remember!
For everyone else, it reminds me to think twice about what I'm involved in. What am doing today to serve God or my community? Sadly, it makes me realize my current answer is not my ideal. I need to make an effort to go to Church more. To be more involved. To give more to others. To help those in need.
To not obsess over my unborn baby's name and clothes and room!! But rather on what kind of world I'm creating for her!


  1. Julia - Don't be hard on yourself. We have all been there. It's part of the process of becoming a mother. We are lucky that these are the things we can worry about. I did it too and now that she is here - I have new things to worry about! Enjoy this time -becoming a mother makes you become a better person. You will want to do more, serve more, love more, cherish more for your daughter!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Jen!

  3. Good times! Good times!
    After a little refresher of those Good Times I remember the night that speech was given!!
    I'm not sure she's finished sewing those seeds by the way!!!!
    And I completely agree with Jen!! Enjoy it!

  4. Joe and I made it our New Years Resolution to be more involved in church. We are teaching the two year old classroom once a month and love it! (Splitting the duty between 4 parents isn't so bad!) It's so rewarding! I know you'll be doing the same when your little princess arrives! :) SO EXCITING isn't it?!?!


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