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February 25, 2010

You are enough

Say it out aloud. Repeat.

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Wouldn't this be the easiest project? You can buy bags of river rocks at any craft store. Most likely you can even clean some off that you find in your own back yard. Color it using some leftover spray paint and grab a paint pen. Voila! I think it would look really pretty to make a whole bag full of these using your favorite colors and then display them in a glass vase or jar. Place it in your entryway or kitchen or bathroom or bedside table. Somewhere you will see it often. Make one for your daughter when she's had a rough day and sneak it on to her bedside table near her alarm clock or under your husband's washcloth to find first thing in the morning. What an easy and inexpensive pick-me-up. You could even make a larger one and place in on your best friend or neighbors front porch. It would be even better if they didn't know it was from you.

Although I'm guessing anyone reading this post who lives in Pawleys Island will now know I'm the source of the anonymous tokens!


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  1. I am LOVING this!! Gonna do that this weekend! xoxo


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