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March 19, 2010

Entryway Rugs

Rugs by Company C

So my sister is currently trying to convince her husband to let her keep this fabulous new rug! Let's help her plead her case with our full support of this colorful beauty! She brought it home on loan from Clay and Cotton and placed it in her front hallway. What a fun first introduction to her home!
She also wants to get the lobster rug, (One in a Million) in a smaller size for her basement. It would also be super cute in a boys room or a bathroom.
Loves it!
I don't even have a rug in my entryway. We have a doormat on the outside but nada on the inside. We really need something in an 8x11 but I'm afraid to commit to anything I've found because we'll also need a runner that will match. This website could be trouble. And I know eventually we'll do runner on the stairs which will also need to coordinate.
And like always, my taste far exceeds my budget on this matter.
What do y'all have for rugs in your entryway? Official doormat styles, persians or other fun prints? Large or small?
Well I'm off to celebrate my FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY this weekend!
I hope your weekend is a wonderful as mine should be!

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