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March 15, 2010

Girls Bedrooms

Here are a few of my favorite girlie bedrooms. Many of these feminine spaces would work well for ladies of any age. They would also make for very pretty guest rooms.
I especially love the fantastic details in each of these images.
They are full of great design inspiration!

I'm especially loving all the touches of pale pink and the canopies full of lush fabric. Such a fantastic idea to help create a warm and cozy spot for napping.
I also adore the fabric headboards. I'm reserving my old headboard, currently covered in stone colored suede and residing in our guest room, for baby girl's room when she's older.
I do, however, swoon over the twin bed option as well. It's so pleasing to the eye to see two identical beds side by side; and y'all know how I love things in pairs.


  1. I love looking at girlie bedrooms for Macy. All of these are fabulous! Hope your having a great day! xoxo

  2. I'm shocked you haven't posted pictures of our room growing up! Who knew we were so chic boasting matching fabric headboards;-) Love the pictures, though I think the first one's a little too muted and could use a pop of brighter color. Keep up the great work -- we love your design ideas and inspirations!!!

  3. I wish I could find some pictures of those beds to scan! I'm sure mom took some


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