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March 8, 2010

In Transition

The Nursery
Part I
Oh previous owners, how I love thee for your countless hours of design debacles you left for me to fix. There really is nothing like neon peach to insight a good night's sleep.

This was the only picture I took of the room during it's second and third paint color stages. The right side wall is the same cream color that we used in the laundry room. I lived with it for two months but hated it so much in this space. The laundry room is directly below this room so it should get the same light, yet somehow the color upstairs always looked like 1980's cracked wheat. I felt like it needed some dried floral wreaths to match. Maybe it's just the amount of color, obviously our laundry room is much smaller, but I hated it enough to get impatient and repaint it on a whim. Unfortunately. I didn't really feel like driving 15 minutes to buy new paint so I just grabbed the leftover kitchen color (light green) and mixed in our trim color (designer white).
Number one, I only mixed enough to cover three walls. Awesome. Number two, wall color comes in egg shell and trim color comes in satin. FYI, they don't mix well and create a weird splotchy sheen on the walls. Even more awesome.

I have no shame in these pictures. This isn't my "dream room" but then again I like it well enough. Especially considering I didn't spend any money on this room. Except on paint to fix my previous debacle. I knew eventually it would become a nursery and not a permant guest room. I thought it is was a good place to use some things I already had but didn't have a home elsewhere. And we had a treadmill and an excercise ball so I figured it would be a good home gym/pilates area. I convinced Matthew to paint this beautiful shade of pale green on the walls knowing full well that it would work for a nursery if we ever needed one.
It actually looks really pretty in these pictures but it's a bit bright in person, especially when it's really sunny. Too bright for a nursery I've already decided.
I change my mind alot on design ideas.
The pictures really aren't fantastic but I wanted to have some good documentation of the whole space so we could see the transformation as it turns into baby girl's room.

I have some fun things planned for the closet makeover as well. I'd like to change the paneled bi-fold doors (that are currently off track and generic) with a more traditional french door style. I'll probably leave the built-in shelving as is and just help it along with pretty baskets and fresh paint.


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