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March 10, 2010

Links Love

So I went to Williams & Sherrill, the mecca for gorgeous fabrics and home design in Richmond, last weekend with my mom to pick out fabric for baby girl's room. I found the perfect green and white print and the perfect designer, Claire, to help pull my look together and take it from a single fabric on a bolt to a whole window and room scheme.

I walked away with a beautiful bold green and white pattern for the cornice and a white matelasse for the panel and we'll add a bright green fringe trim. I'm also going to use the same matelasse for the crib skirt with a panel of the cornice fabric on the bottom instead of repeating the trim.

I've realized in the past few days just how terrible I am at describing fabrics and such so you'll have to wait to see the final product to really get it.

I started to search online for the fabric I chose and wound up staring straight at some pre-made pieces at Pine Cone Hill.
Links fabric in Key Lime via PineCone Hill


I am so thrilled to know that someone else loves this fabric as much as I do. Apparently a whole company thought lots of you would love this fabric in bedrooms too! I am so tempted to buy some of these boudoir pillows for baby girl when she moves to her big girl bed. I know it's way too early for that but I hate that these won't be available in two years when I want them.

I also noticed these lovely pajamas that would look fantastic on me while I sit in baby girl's room during some late night feedings. Maybe such pretty pj's will make waking up in the middle of the night a lot less tiresome.

I also saw the Links fabric at GDC in Mt. Pleasant yesterday on display in several different colors. They had a couch in the grey and a bench in the brown. I am in love!!!

I'm pretty sure I could find a place to put these pillows in every room of my house. The only color that doesn't work is the bright blue. But it sure would look fantastic in my mom's house.

Is there any particular fabric or item that you've chosen recently only to find it everywhere you turn? It does make me a bit nervous that a fabric so "in" right now will be "out" soon. But I chose it because I loved it and before I knew it was popular so I'm hoping that won't be an issue for me later on.


  1. LOVE this stuff girl! I can not wait to see this room! xoxo

  2. Love it!!! Get the pillows. You'll be very thankful for them. Baby Girl can pull on up on them, if nothing else. And, by the time you feel they're out, you'll want an excuse to redesign Toddler Girl's room anyway!

  3. I agree get the pillows now. I bought extra fabric when I had Evie's stuff made which has worked out well since she needed a new window treatment already. We still have plenty left! HA!

  4. It is pretty stinkin' fabulous! You need the pillows.

  5. Love the spring colors in these adorable pillows. :) Too cute.
    Your blog is awesome.

  6. thanks y'all! I really do love this fabric. The pillows are a bit pricey but I am definitely going to order some extra fabric now!


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