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March 30, 2010

Splurge v. Steal

Can someone please help me find a way to make these blocks?

Pretty please.

Because they retail here for $120.00.

Seriously? For blocks?
Thankfully, I headed straight to Etsy and found these adorable blocks for a much more Recessionista-minded price.

The listing here says you get six blocks with 2-3 letters and a design on each block, but even with 3 letters per each at six blocks that doesn't equal all the letters of the alphabet.

I'm a bit confused.

I know I have horrible math skills but it still didn't add up. Right?

I'm pretty seriously interested in these pretties but I'm afraid I'd have to order several sets to actually spell BabyGirl's name or something else fun!

So I might be back to square one in needing to make these myself.



  1. Those are so cute! Maybe you could contact the ETSY seller and ask for specific letters on your blocks so that way you could spell out whatever you wanted to? I stink at math, but I think your right, that just doesn't add up. {haha} xoxo

  2. Matt can make the block.
    Invite Rebecca down to visit and y'all can paint them!!!

  3. Hi, found you through Short Southern Mama. I blog too, stop by for a visit.

  4. They shouldn't be too hard to make either because there's no indentation for the letters. The second set looks like used scrapbook paper and then just sanded the sides.


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