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March 4, 2010

stay tuned

I promise a new post soon!!
I haven't been feeling 100% this week. I'm not sick just feeling very exhausted but I promise to get back to blogging next week and I have some fun things coming up!!


  1. congrats-please send me an email, so I may get all of your info.


  2. Hope you start feeling better! Found Baby Girl's Easter Gift today. Tell her that her Auntie loves her, but wants her to be patient with you this weekend;-)

    P.S. Erin, you can guess where the gift came from. Horrors of all horrors, the shop is moving this spring. Am going to be in serious withdrawal, can't believe the little blue house on Chenoweth will be Animal Crackers no longer. Julia, you may have to feature a RIP . . .


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