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April 29, 2010


"Coming through your front door should be like running into your ex-boyfriend. And he's fat."
-Jonathan Adler
FABULOUS quote I just spied on an equally fabulous new blog, Pinot After Playdates.
And since I'm blogging from afar with no access to pictures or my own datebase of fun things (see previous post) I thought I could at least entertain you with other's humor!


  1. Thanks for introducing me to Pinot After Playdates. It's fabulous just like you said and the quote is even better!!!

  2. Isn't she just fabulous! Hope your having a wonderful day! xoxo

  3. Thanks for being my 100th! Cannot believe I have that many. That drink sounds yummy. Sounds like it would be a lot easier to drink than my recipe too. :)


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