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April 8, 2010

La Plate Love

Okay, seriously in love with these plates.
I want like a hundred different combinations. At least.
I haven't ordered any of these plates, or there other items yet, but I have to say that I did have a question about the sizing on something and received an email response within the hour. Awesome customer service and I can't wait to support this company as soon as I make up my mind about which plates I want. Did I mention they're dishwasher (but not microwave) safe? Heaven! They also have a fun blog that features many examples and ideas for use.



  1. Way cute! I have been wanting some of these forever!! xoxo

  2. These are awesomw! Horchow carries a similar line. I could never decide what pattern to get either. Hope you can!

  3. I swear I've been drooling over these for over 2 years and still cannot make up my mind! I think I might just get some for BabyGirl and use them to decorate her walls until she's old enough to eat off of them.


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