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April 27, 2010

Nursery Closet Design

My fabulous husband did not disappoint with this closet overhaul!

I can't wait to continue to fill up her closet with more sweet little smocked dresses and tiny pink onesies!
Here's a sneak peak at BabyGirl's lovely crib



  1. Oh so cute! Can't wait to see the whole room. xoxo

  2. SAo stinkin' cute! Have a great day! ~Andrea

  3. Love the closet! My advice is to try not to buy too much until she is here. Take it from me, I have 6 LP dresses for Evie this summer that are too small and will not fit her. That is not good! You never know how big or little your sweet thing will be. It's really hard to refrain but people will give you soooooo much stuff especially clothes for a little girl. Can your hubby come work on Evie's closet next - we just have one rod and it's driving me nuts.

  4. Love it~ Just adorable!!
    Well.. hummm I have nearly filled mister baby's closet. At least until he's about size 3T. Here's to hoping they'll both wear all of the fab goodies we've acquired for our precious dolls! I hope you've got some Pixie Lily in your layette, if not, check it out she's from Charleston

  5. Thanks y'all! Fortunately, I've had fabulous restraint and only purchased two things in that whole closet (2 onesies). My mom, sister and mother-in-law are helping to fill it right up though they've both warned me about buying clothes now because we have no idea what size she'll be. Matthew and I were both HUGE babies. I can only pray thats not genetic :)

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