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May 7, 2010

Big Weekend

MAY 7th
I have been so blessed to have such a hardworking, loving and inspiring Dad! He's probably the smartest person I know and gives freely to everyone. He provided us with the gift of knowledge and reading, appreciation for the outdoors, love of music, adoration for God, duty to community, respect for oneself and necessity of ice cream after dinner!
You are so loved and respected by so many people and we can't wait to all celebrate with you at your big BBQ & BANJOS BASH Saturday night in Richmond!!!
I'm pretty excited to go out to dinner and eat yummy cake on Friday night too!
MAY 9th
It's crazy to think that this is the last Mother's Day I'll celebrate as just a daughter.

I found this print several months ago while browsing etsy and immediately thought of my mother. She is a fantastic, stylish, talented and selfless person and there are so many reasons to celebrate her. I'm so thankful that we can be in Richmond to celebrate in person this year with not only my mother but her mother as well. I have some fabulous mothers in my life showing me the way as I navigate my own path of motherhood later this year.

I hope y'all have a wonderful and sunny Mother's Day Weekend where you are!

**And say a quick little prayer that I get to bring my chair back to Pawleys with me**


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