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May 20, 2010

Black Kitchen Design

Did y'all know I have black kitchen cabinets?

Apparently some others do as well.

It's funny because I'm usually drawn to kitchens with white cabinets while browsing the web or glossies but somehow I ended up with black lacquer and I love it. It's unexpected.

Like everything else in my house, the kitchen is a work in progress. I'd love to replace the counter tops with white Carrera marble to complete my look. I'm thinking it is going to be a while, a long while, before that happens. And then there is the flooring. Dark hardwoods to match the rest of the downstairs or white marble? Luckily this is not a decision I'll be faced with in the near future either.

What do y'all have?


  1. LOVE the first kitchen. I want it for my kitchen right now. How neat that you have black cabinets. I would love to do something with my cabinets. They are a honey color and I wish they were either white or dark, not honey. I love my tile floor though, stone color. And my counter tops are granite.

  2. The first kitchen is to die for! My cabs are a dark cordovan and I love them. Counter tops are black granite, floor is a dark-ish khaki (for lack of a better description) tile that picks up the lighter flecks in the granite tops.

  3. The first picture is my fave as well! The previous owners put in a brand new kitchen with expensive maple cabinets and black appliances. I couldn't stomach it but couldn't justify replacing any of it either so we ended up painting the cabinets with industrial black lacquer to blend with the appliances. They're really shiny and will look outstanding once the green countertops are gone!


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