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May 21, 2010

Closet Organization

Hall closets, linen closets, clothes closets, oh my!
There are a lot of places where we keep things in our homes. Why not make these spaces look as fabulous as possible. With a few ordinary things like paint, matching hangers, baskets and pretty labels we can make every closet in our home stand out. In this recession we can't afford to just go out and buy something new every time we feel like it. I think most of us like the shopping experience as much as we do the actual items and certainly more than parting with our hard earned dollars. Part of what makes those new shoes so alluring is the way they are propped up on a display shelf and given individual attention like they're too good to be tossed amongst average shoes. They deserve to be noticed and so do you. So why not create this same affect in your own home. A seven hundred square foot boutique may be costly to decorate but certainly not your seven square foot walk-in.

I can't wait, I must seriously be nesting, to go organize all my closets this weekend. BabyGirl's closet it fully organized, as shown here. Matthew's just needs to be spruced up and changed over from winter to summer. I re-organized mine a few weeks ago and transitioned it to summer/maternity. Basically what fits and doesn't make me sweaty or uncomfortable got the prime real estate.
I have such big aspirations to paint the shelving, wall paper the walls and add a pretty chandelier or something. But it takes all I've got just to keep the shoes in the boxes actually on the shelf and clothes and scarves off the floor.
The one embarrassment of my home is my bathroom closet. It makes me cringe to open the door because its such a mess. I don't use it. I ignore it. I might even get the courage to take a picture and post it here for y'all to witness. I spent an entire day clearing out and organizing my pantry back in January and shockingly it needs to be done again.
It's kind of like my daily battle with dog hair.
Never ending.
Hope y'all have a great weekend!


  1. Great post! I cannot wait to get a new house in the next year or so. One thing on my checklist, a walk-in closet. Definitely a must! Good luck organizing! I need to do the same. :) Doesn't it just make you happy seeing everything so neat and organized?

  2. Yes! It takes me awhile to get around to organizing, but once I do, I LOVE LOVE the results!

  3. Thanks for the article! It really is important to keep your closet organized, otherwise it gets out of hand and becomes so stressful!


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