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May 26, 2010


What is it a about company coming that makes me want to redecorate?
My house being clean isn't enough, I need it to look fabulous as well.
I know I've talked about phenomenon before and usually its a wonderful motivator to finish up projects and accomplish my design and organizational ideas. But what happens when you have visitors every weekend? It's just not practical to think that every time you wash your guest bedroom sheets you also need to rearrange the whole room. But I do.
And please don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE hosting. Seriously, I was totally meant to be a celebutante who does nothing but entertain every night. If I had unlimited funds (and a helpful little staff to help wash the dishes afterwards) I would host a fete every night. And probably brunch on Sundays. I do love putting on a good brunch!
I think one of the most fun things about living in a "destination town" is how many friends and family come to stay with us. I just need to find a way to be satisfied with the state of my house especially during our busy season when we have guests almost every weekend. I know that will only come with time.
My newest obsession is my front hall. I'm not in love with the wall color (even though I chose it). It's just too dark. It technically gets some natural light through the two skinny windows flanking the front door but the big tree and front porch pretty much rule out and actual sunlight seeping through. I really want to paint our console table and big bronzey-colored mirror white. I'm just afraid I'll regret it at some point and it's not made from a good quality wood that can later be sanded and stained back to natural. I've thought about making a table skirt in a bright and fun pattern to lighten things up and create some hidden storage underneath (perfect for hiding shoes and purses and other things that pile up in the front hall.
Here are some fun pictures to keep me motivated!


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  1. Ah! Love it all! I want such an open house in my next house! I want to paint everything white too. :)


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