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May 19, 2010


While I'm not one for excuses, I do think sometimes there's room for an explanation for why I've been MIA for awhile. No, nothing is wrong. No problems with me or BabyGirl. I've just been super busy entertaining lots and lots of people! It was wonderful! One of my favorites from college, Whitmore, called me last Monday and surprised me with a visit! It was so much fun to see her pretty face and meet her boyfriend. I haven't seen her since our wedding last year and she lives in Vail so it might be awhile before we get to play again.
I had just enough time to strip the beds and sweep the floors before my mom and grandmother arrived on Wednesday. They were busy worker bees and stayed for five days working on the nursery. They made the crib skirt (with several extra panels that can be added in a few years to fit a Queen size bed), upholstered two cornices (which my husband sweetly built from my specs), and made four lined and trimmed window panels. They also brought my glider and my sweet husband sanded and primed my old dresser. I kept the tea and snacks coming. If that wasn't enough, on Friday my Aunt and her four girls, along with my other aunt, drove down from Virginia just in time for my beautiful baby shower on Saturday.
I also had to go to the doctor twice, once for my glucose test and again for my Rh shot and to the hospital to pre-register.
And did I mention my husband was out of town for a fishing tournament so I had full care of Mabry, our high maintenance SweetBoy for the weekend. Geeze, I'm exhausted just writing about what I've been up to.
I can't wait to post some updated pictures of our nursery. It's really starting to take shape and look fabulous for BabyGirl.
And enough excuses, I'm back on the blog thing...


  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! I had to get the Rh shot too, for both of my babies. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

    Can't wait to see updated photos!

  2. I'm such a baby with anything "medical" but it wasn't too bad. I think drawing blood for that and the glucose test was worse than the actual shot. My husband had our cameras at the tournament so I haven't been able to take pictures yet. I've been having the best time playing in her room moving everything just so!

  3. I have missed you friend!! I had to have Rh shots with both my pregnancies and I am with you the blood for the glucose test was way worse! After Macy I did not have to have another shot, but after Nicholas I did and I don't even remember that one. Glad your both doing great! xoxo

  4. I just got caught up on your blog, so much fun! I guess thats the only good part of taking a break is now I get to read two weeks worth of all y'alls blogs!!

  5. Glad your back! Can't wait to see the pics of the nursery. Try to rest some while you can.


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