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June 15, 2010

crib personalization

I am in love with monograms and personalization. I just love how unique the R makes this fairly common crib. I made a letter A board for my friend's shower this past weekend and I know I could recreate one very easily for BabyGirl and just glue it to the end of her crib for a custom look.
And those black and white balls on the posts are to die for!
I also love the striping on this one. I found it on The Well Appointed House for a billion dollars. Well not quite, but almost. I know I could paint my own stripes for about $10.

Here's a picture of BabyGirl's crib. It already has the bead board on the head and foot board sides which would be easy to add either the stripes or the wooden monogram. Or both. Luckily with the wooden thing could be easily removed if I change my mind or use it for another baby.
To view more of BabyGirl's nursery updates click here and here and here.



  1. I love all of the cribs! They are adorable. I think the monogram is such a great idea to make it more unique.

  2. Thanks! I love using Ailene's craft glue because it works like magic. I'm a bit afraid of what it will do to the crib if I ever try to take it off. I'll be sure to post if I follow through. Also, still debating on white v. a color for the letters :)


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