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June 3, 2010

Guest room

Did I mention that I've been taking an iron supplements for anemia? Apparently my baby is taking all of my iron and leaving me tired and irritable and without enough red blood cells. I take an over the counter pill every day in addition to my regular pre-natal vitamin. I read somewhere that you're not supposed to take iron with caffeine or with calcium so I've been trying to take the iron around mid-morning and the other at night. I couldn't remember if I took it yesterday morning but decided against taking one last night for fear of overdosing on iron. Well let me tell you, I'm feeling it today. I swear I feel so lethargic again today, much like I did before I started the supplements. I don't know if missing just one day can make that much difference. I guess I can always blame it on the rain.

Anyway, I just love this room. It looks like the perfect spot for reading a book, blogging or taking naps. It's the perfect guest room. I recognize the white West Elm bed, chair and parsons desk that are on my covet list. And of course I love the tan walls with the blues and greens. I really like the green painted Chinese chests, as well. I'm really on a painted furniture kick these days. While I was sitting in the dining room eating dinner last night I decided I wanted to paint my chairs white. Five minutes later I decided on green. Is this hormonal?
I think I found this picture on Urban Grace originally. I've been so bad about linking and posting credit for pictures lately. Y'all will have to forgive me. If it's this hard to keep my act together while I'm busy growing a baby I can't even imagine how difficult it will be when I'm actually raising one!


  1. Yes, definitely hormonal. I wouldn't do anything too drastic while pregnant. Seriously, my hair dresser told me she wouldn't cut my hair short, not that I wanted to, because she said with pregnant women it's a hormonal thing, and usually the next day they come back in crying at stupid decision they made.

    I had to take iron for like two months while pregnant with one of my babies too. P.S. I'm not sure if they told you this, but it may make you a little constipated too. TMI, I know, but thought you'd want to know. Hope tomorrow you have more energy!

  2. Hahaha, I did get the warning about that side effect and also possible heartburn. Thankfully I'm not suffering from either!

    I chopped my hair off the week after I had a miscarriage last summer and have literally spent every day since begging my hair to grow back so I'm pretty set against doing anything weird hair wise. Apparently I'm taking out my need for change or control or whatever on my furniture instead!


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