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June 18, 2010

"Hello Lovah"

Have you been to The Well Appointed House blog yet? If not, you should. And then you'll thank me. They'll send you right over to their website The Well Appointed House, and then you'll loathe me. You'll want to buy everything. I'm hoping to buy just a few things with the $150 gift card I might win just by talking about their fabulousness today. Not that its hard.
We have Carrie Bradshaw to thank for that fabulous quote, and The MacBeth Collection at The Well Appointed House to credit for these fantastic finds.
When I see these tissue boxes, I seriously swoon, Hello Lovah.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I sneeze more than ANYONE. I seriously need a few of these. One for BabyGirl's room, one for my bedside table, one for living room, one for my kitchen, you get the picture. Pretty much every room in the house would benefit from these pretties.
And then there's this lovely clip board. Perfect for the kitchen.

These waste baskets would also look lovely in just about any room in my house. Too bad SweetBoy has taken to nosing through trash and running off with anything he can find. Still, one beside my bed to hold all the lovely discarded tissues that came from before mentioned tissue box might be nice.

Pretty trays. Enough said.

You can also find many more styles and items directly at The Macbeth Collection.
That website deserves its own post. When the time is right, I will do that post as basically just an online wish list of items I'd like someone to buy me!
Who said Push Presents have to sparkle?


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  1. Ok, seriously, after you have Baby Girl, you need to come visit me. Or I'll come to you. We could do some serious damage to our hubby's credit cards together! And enjoy a cocktail or two, alfresco of course.


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