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June 7, 2010

Home office design

The ultimate home office
Martha Stewart Living

This is a lot more realistic option, the home office nook.

I dream of creating a space to house all of my supplies: art, craft, decor, stationery, sewing, gift wrapping, etc. Right now they're all scattered about in different locations. I'd like to take the armoire in my living room and create something similar to the second and third photos (the nooks) to corral all of my things into one place.

There is so much inspiration running around on the Internet for this transformation and now I just need the motivation to do it!

Do y'all feel like you dream of all the renovation and organization projects your going to accomplish but your weekends are always too busy to get anything but laundry started? I slept horribly this weekend, which didn't help. Friday night I was up WIDE AWAKE from 2am-6am thanks to my brilliant idea to drink 2 cups of coffee that morning and then a coke before bed. I finally fell asleep from 6ish to after 9 and rewoke feeling EXHAUSTED all day. Saturday night started out much better, and sans caffeine, I feel asleep at a decent hour and was sound asleep until 2ish when I rolled over and felt something sharp in the bed.

I was stung by a baby hornet.

On my butt.

Needless to say I didn't sleep well after that.


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  1. Oh no! It sounds like you have had a rough few days. We are thinking of turning one of our closets into a little office -not sure which closet though. Great ideas.


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