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June 4, 2010

Nursery Design

It's not my color scheme, obviously, but it still feels so similar to my design update I blogged about here. I found the sneak peek of this nursery project on one of my favorite new blog finds, Style Files. Caitlin Wilson is the designer and she has fabulous taste!
Did I mention this cool chick lives in oh so cool Dubai?
I can't wait to see what she puts on the walls. I just know it's going to be fabulous and something to inspire me! The paneling in this room comes up higher than average, just like in BabyGirl's room and it makes wall design a bit of a challenge. I have an awesome gold mirror, for instance, that would look so great in the space but it's too high to be used when hung above the panels.

What's a girl to do?


  1. ElizabethJune 04, 2010

    Too funny. I love the wallpaper. Something to consider and would let you punt wall art until Wells starts showing preferences.

  2. Yeah, I've had my eye on that wallpaper for a while! I really love it in green! I think thats why I fell in love with the fabric we used on the windows. I have a few pieces of art that could go on the wall, but they're all really colorful and things I did a few years back that never really had a home. I'll fake hang them and send you a picture so you can decide if they're fitting with the style I'm going for.
    Also, I'll send you pics of the new pottery barn wall hooks I added


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