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June 16, 2010

Stay Cool outside

Yes, Please.

It may be hotter than hell outside right now but these pictures can't help but stay cool.

I'm IN LOVE with the pink and white color scheme of these two outdoor spaces. Its been so insanely hot here lately that its hard to even think about going outside much less hanging out in an outdoor space. Even so, I found myself lusting after these adorable 16" square outdoor pillows I found here at Pottery Barn Kids. They're pretty much giving them away. I haven't ordered any yet and the selfish part of me was hesitant to share this find with the blog world before I'd snatched some up for myself!

And of course I'm thinking of getting the matching sling chair for BabyGirl.

I'm pretty sure she'll be into lounging stylishly as much as her momma!

These Adirondack chairs are pretty fantastic as well. How cute will BabyGirl and her big boy cousin Graham be in matching pink and navy chairs next summer?

HINT HINT, Elizabeth, y'all just need to start summering in Pawleys so we can make this happen! I know of several beach front condos that are pretty reasonable and a fantastic realtor to help you with your purchase!

On a more personal note, I have to say that so far this feels like the hottest June in South Carolina history. And not just because I'm pregnant. I am feeling really blessed that being preggo hasn't made me any hotter than usual. Maybe because I'm usually pretty cold natured? All I can say is that I take back everything I said last year about not wanting to be pregnant in the summer. Its the best. I'll do it again next time. Every other summer that I've lived in the Low Country I've been hot and miserable and glistening through my sundresses and no one seemed to care. There was no one offering me a seat, their spot in line, a cold drink, or a nice cool place to rest my toes. But those offers of coolness and sympathy are pouring my way these days. I love it! And its the perfect excuse to hibernate in the AC!



  1. I was p.g. with both my kids during the summer. And considering summer starts here in TX in April, it was summer for the last 4 months of each. Whew! What a welcome relief it would have been to have one of those patios.

  2. I keep hearing that you're hot and miserable (luckily I'm neither yet) at the end no matter what season it falls in. I've only been to Texas in the winter and it was pretty hot even then :)

  3. I was hot the entire 9 months of each. But, I'm hot natured. I would sleep with all the covers off and a fan blowing directly on me. Hubby slept on the couch the last month of my second because I was freezing him out!


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