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July 2, 2010

3Lambs and a 30th Birthday Party

No, this isn't a giveaway.


But this is another esty spotlight.

I came across 3LambsGraphics shop on etsy several months ago when I first started searching for art for BabyGirl's room.

Such fun things to be found on etsy!
On another note...

I hope y'all have a fantastic and safe Fourth of July weekend.

I'm co-hosting a joint 3oth Birthday party for my husband and his friend Justin in our backyard on Saturday. If you live in Pawleys, come on over.
Don't be expecting any pictures posted on here from the party.
It's not that kind of party.
No pretty invitations, no fancy food displays and certainly no well planned and color coordinated decorations.
I'm going to try to sneak onto a flip cup team with my bottle of water!
It's going to be so hot!
I'm sure to be a hot mess.
We've asked everyone to bring their favorite lawn games and I'm praying someone brings a blowup pool. I know my neighbors have a slip n slide that could be fun for everyone else. Probably not a good idea for me and my huge belly.
This heat might force July to be an exception to my no above ground pool rule!

Here's my husband and his friend Justin riding a tandem bike last year in Edisto.

Nice, honey, really nice.



  1. Love all of the graphics, especially love your new header!

    Love the tandem photo. Haha!

    Hope you have a great 4th at Pawley's. :)

  2. Thanks girl! I'm still tweaking it (I think it's already slightly different from when you left this comment) to satisfaction!

    I totally should have guess Ocean Isle for your last destination. My husband's business partner lives there so we go up all the time. Its just on the other side of Myrtle Beach from us. Hope you have a good 4th too!


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