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July 5, 2010

Happy Summer

image found on luxe+lillies via Lavender & Lilies

So I found this image on luxe+lillies on Friday and immediately snagged it!

I am seriously wanting to climb inside and live in this picture.

The white walls, the colorful art, the lemonade and fresh limes, the beautiful fresh pink makes my heart happy

On another note...

My wish list:

1. This bike

2. A body that can actually ride a bike without toppling over

3. Cool bike riding weather

4. Sidewalks that connect the whole way (not just part of the way) from my house to the beach and marsh walk.

5. A pretty pair of whale tale printed Vineyard Vines shorts to ride around in

you can buy these for me here (probably in a size whale at this point)

**I'll take those pretty gold shoes and toned legs as well**



  1. I love the bike! What brand is it? I want a nice beach cruiser! And I am obsessed with VV. My sweet hubby was in their last catalog and i was so proud! Ha.

    Come by my blog today! I am hosting a monogram jewelry giveaway!

  2. You are hilarious, girl. I love that image too, and wish I could jump in it. :)

    As for the bike and shorts. Love both! The beach house we stayed at this past week had bikes, and we definitely took advantage of them after the girls were in bed each night.

    P.S. My sister (#6) was actually vacationing at Pawley's for the 4th, this past weekend. :)

  3. Love that room!!!

  4. oh fun! We had the best weather here for the whole weekend of festivitites.


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